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  • 793 Rubin Walker Rd. Vilas NC 28692 - Watauga County
    They are horses at Dutch Creek Trails that are being starved to death. 2 have died within a week and 4 total have died less than a month. They have had animal control and the sheriffs department called on them. This is town where everyone is close and they will try to help or hide what happening. In this case they are trying to avoid the situation and let poor animals die. I am a horse owner and these horses are sick and are dying. I'm spreading the word to try to help them. I need to get outside Watauga County to reach someone that might be able to.
  • 2215 Park Blvd - Smyth County
    This 25 MPH solar Speed Limit Sign has not been working for at least over a year. Report has been made before but nothing has been done.
    This Speed Limit Sign is critical for the neighborhood because speeding vehicles are happening everyday.
    Elementary School crossing is a block and half away.
    Some go as fast ad 40-50 MPH.
  • 301-399 West Mountain View Road Johnson City, TN 37604, USA - Johnson City
    People who are traveling from West Mountainview from the direction coming over the interstate toward Browns Mill Rd. seem to think that they have the right of way when turning left onto Browns Mill. Vehicles coming from the other direction that crosses over Browns Mill should have the right of way no matter who got there 1st. It seems drivers have forgotten basic driving laws. Left turns should yield to traffic coming straight across (it isn't a 4 way stop). This happens all of the time. We have stopped using this road because people were turning in front of us constantly and if you go through they will curse and blow horns. Crazy people out there. I feel it is a potentially dangerous intersection and I'm not sure why it happens so often there. I'm not sure if it is the design of the intersection or what.
  • 4194 Old Stagecoach Road Telford, TN 37690, USA - US Congressional District TN1
    Bushes and other trees are blocking the view of the stop sign during the day. At night, you can see the stop sign because of your lights, but during the day you cannot see it.
  • 472-498 Christian Church Road Johnson City, TN 37615, USA - US Congressional District TN1
    The speed limit at the top of this hill is 20 mph. It is posted at 20 mph due the fact that cars turning off of Grassy Valle Rd can not see the car coming up the hill. The majority of the cars on this road do not follow the speed limit. Grassy Valley is a county road. Christian Church rd is a city road. If someone turns off of Grassy Valley on to Christain Church Rd they will soon realize the problem. It is posted on both sides of the hill that the speed limit is 20mph, but no one pays attention.
  • 243 Webb Road Piney Flats, TN 37686, USA - US Congressional District TN1

    The City of Johnson City charges an outside rate differential of 100% (double) on both water and sewer rates to the Citizens of Piney Flats, TN.

    There is no justification for the extreme (double) rate differential between City residents and Piney Flats residents.

    The City of Johnson City has had existing infrastructure in-place in Piney Flats for over 20 years, which has well paid for the bonds used to expand the infrastructure.

    Additionally, they have now strip annexed the highway deep into the Piney Flats area to draw tax revenue from major businesses (Walgreens, Food City, etc.). As part of this strip annexation they must already supply water and sewer service their “new residents” deep within Piney Flats.

    As a matter of public policy, user charges, rates and fees should reflect the actual cost of providing the services rendered. The City of Johnson City should adjust the rates to a lower rate differential since they already have to have infrastructure to service their strip annexed residents, but they refuse to do so.

  • 901 917 Spring Valley Dr Kingsport, TN 37660, USA - Kingsport
    Broken pavement and 24 inch potholes at intersection of Spring Valley and Stone Dr.
  • 1651 Laurel Branch Rd Vilas, NC 28692, USA - Watauga County
    Numerous vehicles have jackknifed and slid off the unpaved portion of this road leading up to the Summit at Lost Ridge. For years, the county has put off paving this road. They keep changing the priority of when it will get paved and meanwhile accidents keep occurring.
  • 2467-2663 State Highway 105 Boone, NC 28607, USA - Boone
    Hwy 105 in boone is a heavy traveled road. There is a many of people from university highlands to Ingles Supermarket trying to cross the road. Sometimes I see people almost get hit, or it takes them 15 minutes to cross the road. I think a intersection in front of Ingles would help reduce the chances of someone getting hurt and or killed thanks.
  • 100 Clinchfield Street Kingsport Tennessee - Kingsport
    The paper mill smells bad. Fix it.
  • Main St Johnson City, TN - Johnson City
    why is a different program being aired during the 8am-9am time slot instead of CBS This Morning
  • 1102 Volunteer Pkwy Bristol, TN - Bristol

    How many traffic accidents and injuries does it take before a city takes responsibility for it's problems?

    There have been at least 50 accidents at the intersection of Cox and Volunteer since McDonald's restaurant reconfigured it's parking lot.
    The fault lies with McDonald's, but the responsibility falls upon the City of Bristol.
    Tell the state that we need a traffic light at this intersection. Either that or fill in the median and make it impossible to cross Volunteer to get to McDonald's.
    People's lives and persons are at stake.