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  • crime Open
    632-662 U.S. 4 Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    block around the old danjo mattys building is becomeing over run with drug dealing and hooker makeing it hard for the remaining businesses in the area hope it can be addressed before it gets to far out of hand
  • 546 Hoosick St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Lane merge here is very dangerous with drivers trying to jump ahead of the line of traffic and cut their way in. Right land should end at S. Lake intersection with a "right turn only" lane and cars going straight in left lane should continue into one single lane eastbound on the other side of the intersection, which is where they're going to wind up in a few feet anyway. Stopping this opportunity to "fight for position" in the line would make this area move much more smoothly and safely. I have been almost hit here numerous times.
  • Deep Potholes Archived
    Congress St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Multiple deep potholes on congress street. This street ruins suspensions with ill-thought out and executed repairs, poor manhole cover alignments and the ever present spine jarring pothole.
  • 305 8th St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    I have been trying to get a hold of animal control for 2 months. Im sure other people are having this problem also because everytime you call and he does not pick up it says his mailbox is full so you can not leave a message.. Just madness and un real with some people. If he dont pick up he does not have to do his job. somewhere either 313 or 312 8th st is a dog who has been out in the cold for months freezing at all times and is never in there. I hope someone see's this to save this dog before is dies out there. So sad and such a shame.
  • 47 Glen Ave Troy NY - Troy
    this house was shut down due to roach infestation & other code violations, the front & back yards are full of garbarge which is causing the roaches to walk the streets, and get in everyone else's garbage. it is so bad that on a couple of occassions the garbage men have refused to take the trash. Many of my neighbors have had to hire exterminators, and shell out hundreds of dollars in preventative measures which seem to me useless. Cockroaches carry over 3300 hundred diseases and are just gross.Please help us get some answers and get rid of these disgusting things.
  • Sage Ave Troy, NY - Troy

    Someone had made this an issue recently but it has disappeared.

    I think it warrants being republished because of what a mess the troy record website has become.

    I tried counting how many advertisements are jammed on the main page but there are so many that I gave up! They have every kind of ad imaginable... pop ups, pop unders, pop over, animations, clickables, and more!

    After I leave the troy record website I have to close the pop up ads that have opened themselves in a new browser behind the main page. Today it is a netflix and a life insurance. It's enough to make me want to scream.

    It is obvious that the troy records NEWS website isn't about NEWS... it is about making money on advertising. They should really rethink what the website should be about. Is it about making a few bucks off the annoying advertisements or is it about being a useful place for local people to get their news?

    Look at the TU's website. They know their role.

  • 2347 15th St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    The light at Hoosick st (Rt 7) and 15th st for west bound traffic needs a left hand turn arrow. There are 6 lights on Hoosick St., 5 have left turn arrows, except the one at 15th St.. The lack of an arrow here causes major back ups , road rage and probably a few accidents. I have never heard a logical explanationas to why this intersection did not get the left turn arrow.
  • 90 Hoosick St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    The manhold covers continue to be sunken on the rt7 project - completed years ago - particulary the westbound one at 10th/oakwood - either run through it, or swerve a little out or your lane to avoid it and possibly side swipe the car next to you trying the squeeze into the lane. There are others starting at NLake and heading down Hoosick
  • 389 Congress St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    It was a big deal 2 months ago when Troy closed Congress Street to demolish the old Industrial Tool & Die Demolition. It even made the TV news. They knocked walls down for 2 days, and left. It's not even half done, and the site is a MESS!
  • 74-98 2nd St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Purposely modified exhaust systems on cars and motorcycles continuely terrorise citizens thoughout Troy. Solve budget problems by impounding these vechicles and heavily fining the owners. You cann't go anywhere in the city and not hear the roar of these vechicles! Police Chief please help us!
  • Pot holes Archived
    421/425 First Street - Troy
    First Street, south of Van Buren is loaded with craters and should be fixed.
  • 14 Oakwood Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park

    14 oakwood ave (across from sausse ave) is owned by the city of Troy. It has been boarded up by code enforcement for 6+ years. It is the ONLY abandoned property on the entire oakwood ave. It is an eye sore and the city should demolish it asap.

    Abandoned properties like 14 oakwood ave are a cancer that will spread throughout the neighborhood if left unchecked.

    Please MR Mayor... demolish 14 oakwood ave! It's hideous and brings down the entire neighborhood property values.