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  • 25-33 State Route 40 Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 9274-9282 New York 66 Wynantskill, NY 12198, USA - Rensselaer County
    Traffic light needs to be installed at the intersection of Rt 66 and Snyders Corner Rd. Many accidents have occured at this intersection as there are only stop signs on Snyders Corner Rd. and Rt. 66 is 55 mph.
  • 850-870 U.S. 4 Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    When you're pulling out of the Price Chopper on 2nd avenue to turn right, there's a deep pothole, about 6" deep. You can't really see it with all the flooding from the melting snow, and it almost took off my front bumper.
  • 147 Euclid Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    The end of Euclid Ave has no turn around and all of the cars and trucks back in my driveway and have ruined the pavement twice in the past 10 years. This includes city trucks, plows, firetrucks, garbage trucks and civilian vehicles of all kinds.
  • 546 Hoosick St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Notification is needed that the right lane ends past South Lake Avenue on Hoosick Street. Currently there is two lanes of traffic on Hoosick Up to South Lake Ave, which then merges into one. Many drivers in the right lane are not aware that the lane ends and try to pass/cut in at the last minute.
  • 116 St Second Ave Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    there are hookers mostly on the weekends walking up and down second ave between 112th and 119th . i have witness them entering vehicles and going on with there business. there are about 6 women of all ages working at any givin time. theres a building next to the laundromat between 117 and 118 that 2 of them work out of. its time to clean up these streets. so if you see them call 911. lets get this fixed ill be posting pics of them in the future.
  • 1081 2nd Ave Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    All of 2nd ave needs to re-paved from cedar ave to 115th st. This is the worst road in the burgh.
  • 540 Congress St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy

    This place is THUNDERDOME!!! This is the WORST road crew in the history of road construction! The project sits for weeks at a time with little or no progress. Monday they had E. bound Pawling bbacked up so they could fill a groove with blacktop right by the bridge. Tuesday you go though there and the groove is actually deeper. What R they doing? They are currently working on the (fax pas) brick of the sidewalk while pipe caps lie exposed all over the road waiting to blow a tire.

    The two flag women are the absolute worst!!! mean nasty and rude. Plus they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! I've seen them direct cars into the path of one another several times. The brunette in particular hasn't the faintest idea of what they are doing. She walks around with the flag smoking cigarettes as the motorists behind her try to figure out what she is doing. One will stand toward the middle of the Congress St hill while one stands at the top. but NO ONE directs traffic coming off the 15th street detour which backs up to Speigletown.
    Ive seen a guy with a small claw machine lift up the rear end of a site supervisior's pick up truck as a joke. I called the city engineer and the Mayor's office but obviously this is politics as usual in Troy.
    Cover the pipes fill in the craters and for the sake of public safety. Fire those flag women they are plain dangerous

  • 71-97 Water St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    A negative declaration was made by NYSDEC, as lead agency, allowing the proposed expansion of current hours and tonnage at the transfer station WITHOUT a full and complete Environmental Impact Study/Statement having to be performed. Concerns regarding increased truck traffic throughout Troy, further decline in property values along the Route 378 cooridor and throughout the city have been raised. All Real Citizens of Troy MUST make known that a full and complete Environmental Impact Study MUST take place to determine current usages effect on the environs and extrapulate the potential increased detrimental impact on our vital southern gateway.
  • 2000-2098 5th Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    the bowling alley ice is making people walk in road with no choice. do they have a permit for blocking off sidewalk? the side walk has not been shoveled at all. no ticket given by code? should they be made to clean roof and ice so sidewalk can be cleaned and be used by tax payers? if someone is hit while in road who pays?
  • South Troy Troy, NY - Troy

    This is similar to when people put chairs, safety cones, garbage cans and other obstructions in the on-street public parking areas to save "their" parking space.

    This is a big phenomenon in south troy and it's spreading to other areas. Gotta nip it in the bud!

    What gives these people the idea that they are entitled to that public parking spot and it's OK to save it by placing something in the road????

  • Blakely Court - Troy
    unable to even get car down either side of the street.people parking away from the curb probably to get out the passange side of the car, or car left at angle.It is a royal mess. Bulevard a hazzard. Ambulance, fire truck. UPS, Fedex even a police care bascked down it last week. People lives are at stake why won't someone do dsomething? Make it no street parking of make the bulevard smaller. There ared several very elderly people in this area as well as acouple of very handicaped children or young adults. WHo has to be the sacrifical lamb before someone does something. Mayor we challange you to try to drive this street early in the am or after dinner hour. You won't make it either.