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  • Prospect Park - Troy
    troy is proud of troy..what a pleasure its been to look at troy from watervliet where i could always see those letters T R O Y...now all you can see is the T...cmon bush cutters..cant we see what were proud of...please make this right!!!
  • Prospect Park On Congress St Troy Ny 12180 - Troy
    TROY-in prospect park hs always been able to be seen until now! this bothers me...i live in watervliet but am from troy and its nice to look out my window from across the river and see that word...TROY..pls can the trees or bushes be trimmed so it can be widely seen again! mayor thank you in advance!
  • 158-176 New York 66 Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Can Troy learn how to actually pave a road? The pot holes are like moon crater and it's dangerous to drive around them... for a city of it's size, it paves roads like amateurs
  • Oakwood Ave From Frear Pk To Hoosick St. Troy, NY - Frear Park

    Oakwood Ave is a very, very busy truck route. Along with 1000's of passenger vehicles, 18 wheelers travel up and down this road all day and night.

    Most residents of Oakwood ave have on-street parking only.

    Since the city only pushes the snow toward the curb (into our parking spaces) and doesn't REMOVE the snow, residents are forced to park partially in the travel lane!

    My vehicle was hit yesterday. I was parked as far out of the travel lane as I could get. My wheels were in the snowbank. The now banks are encroaching into the street roughly 2-4 feet away from the curbs.

    The police had to waste time to come make out a report when they could have been doing something productive.

    Does the city have any big snow blowing machines (like Albany has) that chew up and spit out the snow into an adjacent dump truck? If Troy has snow removal equipment, why isn't it being utilized? Especially, in busy, dangerous places like Oakwood Ave.

  • 164 River St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    It would help the 8 businesses at this end of River Street if cars could turn right off Congress street instead of being forced over the bridge to Watervliet.
  • New York 142 Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    This entire area of road is absolutely crumbling!! The pavement isn't marked well enough, the traffic signals are inadequate, and the entire series of intersections is an absolute nightmare to travel through! It needs a complete reconstruction immediately!
  • Access Roads To Hvcc - Troy
    Each year HVCC enrollment grows, but the streets remain the same and congested, its time to improve traffic flow!!
  • 51-91 New York 40 Troy, NY 12180, USA - Frear Park

    There are no speed limit signs on Oakwood Ave.

    If you're traveling on Oakwood ave torward hoosick street... the first and only speed limit sign is way up on Oakwood ave BEFORE Oakwood cemetery! At that's a temporary sign built out of 2x4's.

    By the time drivers get to middleburgh ave and the long HILL, they've forgotten what the speed limit is. I regularly see drivers exceeding the 30mph limit by 10-20mph.

    I'm sure it'll take a pedestrian or a child to get killed before the city puts proper speed limit signs on Oakwood ave.

    The attached picture is just west of middleburgh ave in the area where there are no speed limit signs. If you live in the area of travel through oftne, you recognize these homes.

  • 1-35 Upper Mannix Rd East Greenbush, NY 12061, USA - Rensselaer County
    This is a very dangerous intersection. With the East Greenbush Tech Park expanding traffic backs up while people wait to make a left turn onto route 4.
  • 1124-1150 Hoosick Rd Troy, NY 12180, USA - Rensselaer County
    every fri-sat am harleys with no mufflers dragracing on rt7 between 278 and 142.So loud it frightens kids and pets.Have contacted HOG to no avail.Please,this is our neighborhood,let us enjoy it!
  • 2-18 Blakeley Ct Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    to wide or street to narrow can not park cars and get traffic down street at same time espically if the traffic is a larger variety SUV, truck ambulance , fire truck ect. you literally have to drive up onto the island to get by at times. tsome people that live there want it to stay but they are the ones who get their cars hit and wonder why.
    They also have supposidely put plants and shrubs in to beautify???? the area you have to be kidding it is loaded with overgrown junk and everyone puts their trash ,cuttings and cut down trees and shrubs there that rub against traffic trying to get down the street. The city was at one time going to fix this but needless to say it remains. every election year it is brought up promised to be looked at and nothing. We have been in contact with someone for legal advise and have been told that if the city does not respond to the need for a fix in a reasonable time that certified letters of intent of leagal action have to be sent regarding property damage and the liability of the city to fix. It must be sent to the city corporation council.
  • 580 Jordan Rd Troy, NY 12180, USA - Rensselaer County
    Is it really necessary to have a 4-way stop here? The traffic is not heavy enough that those on Jordan Road should have to stop to allow traffic off of Willowbrook to turn left.