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  • 386 1st St Troy, New York - Troy
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Troy NY, USA - Troy
    People breaking windows on houses, the childcare center and school. Spray painting the house. Not to mention starting the garage on fire. Lots of traffic, lots of unsavory characters hanging out in this alley all hours of the night. I myself have contacted the police numerous times for this area. I have seen drugs and money changing hands out in the open in this alley.
  • Pawling Ave & Munro Ct(04347) Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Someone in this area has been setting off fireworks frequently. Around Independence Day, they were shooting them off from June 23rd to July 8th. Most recently, they shot off some "big ones" on July 28. Please be courteous to your neighbors; some of us are old folks that need sleep!
  • 455 North Greenbush Road Rensselaer, NY 12144, USA - Rensselaer County
  • Leversee Road Troy, New York - Troy
    Just this week there is an issue with this light and the ability for the afternoon commute (5:00) to turn left onto 40 going north. The issue is so severe that traffic is now bumper to bumper all the way up to the housing development light on Route 40. Can this timing be changed back to how it was a week ago?
  • 110th Street Between 5th&6th Troy, NY - Troy
    DeRubertis towing using backhoe\loader to clear his lot and dumping on sidewalk north side Beverage Barn . blocks sidewalk access and parking.
    Mike DeRubertis operator of backhoe
  • 212 Pawling Ave Troy, New York - Troy
    Roofing work started this morning at least as early as 6am, maybe earlier. Heavy objects tossed down from roof to dumpster, at 207 Pawling. Isn't there an anti-noise ordinance or curfew against this kind of thing?
  • Hoosick Street Troy, New York - Frear Park
    Hoosick Street from the Alternate Route 7 bridge, east to Brunswick is an absolute disaster with potholes, and uneven pavement galore! Someone is going to get into an accident or loose control of their vehicle because of these conditions. Something needs to be done and fast!
  • Morrison Avenue Troy, New York - Troy
    Large pot hole just before heading up Morrison Ave when turning east from 378
  • Bruen Court East Greenbush, New York - Hampton Manor
    The entrance to this dead end street is pockmarked by many deep potholes. Right by the Asian Tea House restaurant. Some are very deep and others are growing quickly.
  • 179 Troy Rd East Greenbush, NY 12061, USA - Rensselaer County
    There appears to be at least one dead deer on grass; Looks like it was there for a while. It was probably struck by car and died on grass
  • 643-661 4th Street Troy, New York - Troy
    This small stretch of road, both directions is no parking or standing. People think it is OK to park on the sidewalk. Now people have to walk in the road. Oh and people think it is OK to park or stand if there hazard lights are on.