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  • 49 2nd St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    2nd Street looks wonderful after the repaving this summer - but now there is a utility cut in the street in front of the RPI frat house - it's like a sunken speed bump - I'm all for traffic calming, but this is not the way to do it
  • 1003 Western Rd Castleton-on-Hudson, NY 12033, USA - Schodack
    There is a speed limit for every road, but the speed limit on Western Road and Stony Point is not followed. Neighbors are constantly yelling at drivers to slow down. There are sharp turns, steep hills, blind spots, deer, and children at play. We don't want to see an accident on our normally quiet streets. The last year too many pets have been hurt in hit and runs because of people whizzing through.
    Thank You.
  • 4963-4985 Mapletown Rd Hoosick Falls, NY 12090, USA - Rensselaer County
    There is a sink hole that when hit by tractor trailers is a huge nuisance. It shakes all of the houses and is degrading foundations. I have seen lawn mowers thrown off of trailers when this bump is hit.
  • 198 Washington Avenue Rensselaer, NY 12144, USA - Rensselaer
    There is a 'No Turn on Red' sign that has been here since Doane Stuart was the Renns. Public High School. If it is being kept there for students' safety, it should be replaced with a 'No Turn on Red - School Days' sign. It holds up traffic and creates unnecessary delays when the school is empty, and many don't follow it at all and go right on red anyways.
  • 200 1st St Troy, NY, 12180, USA - Troy
    The 3rd floor front apartment at 200 1st Street, next to Carmen’s, is constantly blasting loud music. There are all kinds of people, mostly teens and 20 something’s, in and out all day every day. I’ve seen a kid puking out front, obviously dope sick. Whoever lives there is a major nuisance, possibly a heroin dealer.
  • 67 Lexington Ave. - Rensselaer County
    I want a third, objective party to audit billing practices at the Troy Water Department. I am (and other people I know) am receiving ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY OUT OF LINE water bills and no one at the water department will own up to anything. They keep telling me it's my problem.
  • 201-209 Valley Falls Avenue Schaghticoke, NY 12154, USA - Schaghticoke
  • 22-26 Thomas Street Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    City needs to put back stop sign removed after their work on corner of thomas and sheridan coming down from grant before a kid gets hit from the park!!!
  • 151 President St Troy, NY - Troy
    Please repair the holes (potholes on President St, between Bond and the Fallon Apartments. These potholes are getting bigger every time it rains and could cause damage to vehicles and cause a pedistrian injury also.
  • 338/43 West Sand Lake NY - Rensselaer County
    Where Route 338 meets Route 43, there is a Stop sign for traffic coming off 338. People treat this as a Yield more than anything and are constantly pulling out in front of traffic that is west bound on 43. They use it as a "rolling stop" because they have a long line of sight looking east on 43 and can see the traffic coming from quite a distance. If they made a full stop, they would have to wait for traffic so instead, they just glance(not all of them even do this) and roll through. I have to brake for at least once car every morning in that spot who has cut me off.
    A blinking yellow for 43 traffic and a blinking red for 338 may work but it's not much different than the stop sign. A regular traffic light would force them to wait.
  • Route 43 Averill Park, New York - Averill Park
    Road Damage on Route 43 heading up the mountain towards Alps Campground. Right at bend as you climb. ( 1/2 mile from the bottom of the intersection of 66 & 43) Potholes, Uneven Roads. The town filled in one hole but neglected the rest of that area. Its a hazard . I have seen numerous people off the road there with tire damage! If you try to avoid, you go into oncoming traffic. If there is oncoming trafic you have no choice other than to hit the road damage or brake swiftly which can cause the auto behind you to collide. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS AREA. Thank you
  • River Street At Fulton And Third - Troy
    it is extremely dangerous to cross River Street at Fulton and 3rd. The traffic light is so far from the corner that cars come around the much too fast and completely ignore the cross walk. The crossing sign is much much too short - about 3 seconds of "Walk" before turning to flashing red hand. Large Pedestrian sign is needed asap