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  • 1849 Highland Ave - Troy
    Motorcycle is parked on the sidewalk. Is this not illegal?
  • Boat Archived
    618 6th Ave Troy, NY 12182, USA - Troy
    There is a boat parked in front of 618 6th Ave. on a trailer not attached to a car. It has been there for a week called TPD about it they told me to call Parking Enforcement did that they told me to call the TPD. as yet it is still there. It is hard to find a parking spot especially with people with medical conditions. Could this matter be resolved. Thank You
  • Hoosick Street Troy, New York - Frear Park
    Hoosick Street from the Alternate Route 7 bridge, east to Brunswick is an absolute disaster with potholes, and uneven pavement galore! Someone is going to get into an accident or loose control of their vehicle because of these conditions. Something needs to be done and fast!
  • Troy NY, USA - Troy
    People breaking windows on houses, the childcare center and school. Spray painting the house. Not to mention starting the garage on fire. Lots of traffic, lots of unsavory characters hanging out in this alley all hours of the night. I myself have contacted the police numerous times for this area. I have seen drugs and money changing hands out in the open in this alley.
  • 87 Red Oak Ln Rensselaer, NY 12144, USA - Rensselaer County
    The "gutter" on the west side of Red Oak Lane cannot handle the runoff from the neighborhood, particularly in the spring. It needs to be much deeper. A similar problem exists on Scythe Tree Lane.
  • 49 2nd St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    2nd Street looks wonderful after the repaving this summer - but now there is a utility cut in the street in front of the RPI frat house - it's like a sunken speed bump - I'm all for traffic calming, but this is not the way to do it
  • 1003 Western Rd Castleton-on-Hudson, NY 12033, USA - Schodack
    There is a speed limit for every road, but the speed limit on Western Road and Stony Point is not followed. Neighbors are constantly yelling at drivers to slow down. There are sharp turns, steep hills, blind spots, deer, and children at play. We don't want to see an accident on our normally quiet streets. The last year too many pets have been hurt in hit and runs because of people whizzing through.
    Thank You.
  • Junk Open
    15-17 Pheasant Ct Off Streamview Lane Wynantskill, New York - Wynantskill
    Junk on front lawn and side of 17- Pheasant ct off streamview lane, wynantskill
  • Pawling Ave & Munro Ct(04347) Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    Someone in this area has been setting off fireworks frequently. Around Independence Day, they were shooting them off from June 23rd to July 8th. Most recently, they shot off some "big ones" on July 28. Please be courteous to your neighbors; some of us are old folks that need sleep!
  • 4963-4985 Mapletown Rd Hoosick Falls, NY 12090, USA - Rensselaer County
    There is a sink hole that when hit by tractor trailers is a huge nuisance. It shakes all of the houses and is degrading foundations. I have seen lawn mowers thrown off of trailers when this bump is hit.
  • 67 Lexington Ave. - Rensselaer County
    I want a third, objective party to audit billing practices at the Troy Water Department. I am (and other people I know) am receiving ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY OUT OF LINE water bills and no one at the water department will own up to anything. They keep telling me it's my problem.
  • Morrison Avenue Troy, New York - Troy
    Large pot hole just before heading up Morrison Ave when turning east from 378