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  • West Sand Lake Road West Sand Lake, NY 12196 - West Sand Lake
    Cars from Garner Rd are ignoring the stop sign before crossing or turning onto Sheer Rd . The sign isn't clearly visible and there is no "stop sign ahead" warning. Dump trucks are the worst offenders. Dozens of residents walk, ride bikes or run on these country roads with dogs and children. We live out here to enjoy safe roads. There are unauthorized vehicles and dirt bikes in the area which increase the potential for serious accidents. I certainly hope it doesn't take a tragedy to correct this problem before summer is here!
  • 179–199 Jay St Troy 12180, United States - Troy
    Tourists and other people from out of town have entered NY 7 here on their bicycles because the prohibition sign is missing. This is a potentially deadly omission.
  • Rock Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    there re two red jeeps that always park right up to the corne of this street, which makes it extremelt difficult to make the turn. I would like to see an emergency vehicle try to get through when they are parked there.
  • 188 River St Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    The river street pub is a constant spot for noise pollution and drunk rowdy behavior on river street on a regular basis but nothing every seems to be done about it. People live on this street, with children. The constant out spill of fighting and screaming in the streets is so regular and apparent it seems as though it's purposefully being ignored by Troy police.
  • 112nd St Albany, New York - Troy
    right before you enter drive way no parking sign is missing NEEDS REPLACING FOR SAFTY REASON
  • 16 Van Buren Street Troy, New York - Troy
    There should be stop sign on 2nd St at the Van Buren St intersection. Turning right unto 2nd St can be tricky sometimes.
  • 74-84 Desson Ave Troy, NY 12180, USA - Troy
    the city was here over 6 mos ago and the patch that they put in place has sunken about 8 inches...please fix!
  • 284 Troy Road Rensselaer, New York - Rensselaer County
    This is a rehab facility that sometimea requires the services of EMT's/ ambulances in an emergency. Due to light at the intersection and the inconsideration of those that may lose a second or two getting to their destination they are not able to come up the hill due to vehicles blocking the driveway.
  • 100 Horizon View Dr East Greenbush 12061, United States - East Greenbush
  • Columbia Tpke East Greenbush, NY 12061, USA - East Greenbush
    When are the pavement cuts at 11 intersections with existing roads (Hays Rd, etc) going to be completed???
  • 13th Street - Troy
    The sidewalks on 13th Street near Hutton Street are horrible. I have seen many people trip or fall on the uneven or missing sidewalks.
  • 1849 Highland Ave - Troy
    Motorcycle is parked on the sidewalk. Is this not illegal?