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  • King St San Francisco, CA 00 - Mission Bay
    If one walks at a normal speed they have no chance to cross the street in time, forcing many to either run or wait in the middle of the street. Too much priroty is given to Cars at this intersection especially considering the Mass transportation hub/ Residential area this space has become.
  • 960 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94158, USA - Mission Bay
    Though the building was torn down after years of neglect, the pier is still degrading into the channel, obstructing bots and polluting the water.
  • 777-783 4th Street San Francisco, CA 94107, USA - Mission Bay
    Scalping/peddling without a permit. They're at the same intersections every single home SF Giants play, yet the police have never done anything.
  • Channel St San Francisco, CA 00 - Mission Bay
    An encampment of homeless people has developed at the Southwest end of the N Judah line at Berry Street near 7th Street. Illegal parking is also rampant with dozens of cars parking on sidewalks and in the area under the Southern Freeway.
  • 500 Terry Francois Blvd. San Francisco, CA - Mission Bay
    Nine--yes nine--outdoor speakers have been installed on the fourth floor terrace of this building (roof of the third floor) within the past couple of months or so. Yesterday the tenants had an event on the terrace and had all speakers blaring LOUD music most of the afternoon and into the evening. The speakers are faced directly at two residential buildings, the Radiance and the Madrone. I am guessing these were done without a permit (I can't imagine any agency allowing this). They need to come down immediately.
  • 4th St And King St San Francisco, California - Mission Bay
    The city needs to consider making the turn onto King St from 4th St a "no right turn on red" light. It's ridiculous how many close encounters I've had with inpatient drivers who can't wait the 20 seconds allotted for pedestrians to cross King St. Someone is going to get hurt maybe even killed there one day.
  • 4th Street And Townsend Street San Francisco, CA - Mission Bay
    Please do something about this intersection! It is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Buses, Taxis, Giants Fans, Cars, Bikes, attempting to co-exist despite poor signage, confusing traffic lights, and zero enforcement of traffic laws. I see this issue has been reported repeatedly for several years via SeeClickFix and nothing has been done. Why is it I see police officers daily taking a break at Philz but I've never seen any official enforcing traffic laws at this intersection? Since the local government appears to be ignoring this issue, perhaps working with the media and/or the legal system is the only way to make this intersection safe for residents and visitors.
  • 1180 Fourth St. San Francisco, CA 94158, USA - Mission Bay
    Construction without pedestrian barricade; work being done directly over active walkway without protection or lighting.
  • 555 Mission Rock Street San Francisco, CA 94158, USA - Mission Bay
    Peddling without a permit. Illegal sale of trademark materials.
  • 149 Hooper St San Francisco, CA - Mission Bay
    The former Greyhound Bus Terminal is becoming a homeless encampment. There is one van parked in the building and two shelters currently.
  • Fire Hazards Archived
    2-134 Bridgeview Way San Francisco, CA 94158, USA - Mission Bay
    Nine cars are currently parked in our fire lane and blocking access to our driveway and our garages. This happens every day and no one will ever do anything about it. I've called DPT, SFFD...
  • Townsend And 4th Street San Francisco, California - Mission Bay
    Every morning, there are bicyclist running the stop sign at the intersection of 5th and Townsend. I have almost been hit as a pedestrian several times. There are also bicyclist on the sidewalk on Townsend approaching 4th Street trying to ride their way into the train station. I've almost been hit several times in both situations.