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Watching issues created after: 2013-01-19

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  • 3700 14th St Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Petworth
    Abandoned construction site is unsecured, allowing homeless individuals and sex workers free access to use the portapotty.
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1756 Lanier Pl Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Always had some now they are everywhere
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1347 Parkwood Pl Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
  • 1538 Ogden St Nw Washington, DC - Columbia Heights
    Very large plastic tarp stuck in a tree on Ogden NW by Spring Pl NW. Has been in tree since the Derecho storm in June.
  • Mt Pleasant St Nw & Lamont St Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    Brick repair
  • Street Repair Archived
    1800 Columbia Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
  • 1700-1704 Columbia Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Broken bike rack and cracked pavement
  • 1376 Park Rd Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Every single day a large group homeless people, alcoholics and thieves congregate in front of the Z Burger restaurant. We need the City to act!
  • 1401 Columbia Road Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Columbia Heights
    There is an excessive amount of trash including random waste and household trash in the alley behind the building. Additionally men frequently pee in the alley and so it smells like urine and needs to be cleaned.
  • 1525 Newton Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Columbia Heights
    The traffic lights at this intersection are twisted. Currently there are two vehicle lights facing the same direction with opposite signals (one is red and one is green, but both are facing Newton St. cars on an angle, as well as northbound 16th St. drivers).
    Most importantly, from the pedestrian walkway the walk signal is completely NOT visible. Note that this is a major crossing for 3 local elementary schools, one of which is ON Newton St. In the attached photograph, you'll see that the two lights are facing the same direction, one is red and one is green. And from the angle of the pedestrian walkway, no walk signal is visible.
  • 1864 Park Road Northwest Washington, DC 20010, United States of America - Mount Pleasant
    This car must be towed. It has been left dangerously blocking safe alley access and creating an imminent traffic hazard. It has been parked illegally for 1 week
  • 1443 Monroe Street Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Third time reporting this light being out. 4 days ago a crew came by checked it and left without fixing the problem. It is unsafe and creates a possible danger for residents and passers-by