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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2013-01-19

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 1657 Harvard Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Mount Pleasant
  • Irving And Hiatt Streets Nw Washington, DC - Columbia Heights
    Construction has removed a crosswalk sign and the road markings. Please put them back in.
  • 1723 Florida Ave Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Adams Morgan
    Plants and trees along the sidewalk on California St and Old Morgan Place NW on the city property apparently haven't been trimmed in years. This overgrowth is not only unsightly, but presents great hiding spots for criminals. The overgrowth issue is now even more apparent with the sidewalk and street repair currently going on in the area. On some parts of the new sidewalk along Old Morgan Place, pedestrians are afforded barely 1/4 of the walking surface.
  • 1525 Newton Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Columbia Heights
    The traffic lights at this intersection are twisted. Currently there are two vehicle lights facing the same direction with opposite signals (one is red and one is green, but both are facing Newton St. cars on an angle, as well as northbound 16th St. drivers).
    Most importantly, from the pedestrian walkway the walk signal is completely NOT visible. Note that this is a major crossing for 3 local elementary schools, one of which is ON Newton St. In the attached photograph, you'll see that the two lights are facing the same direction, one is red and one is green. And from the angle of the pedestrian walkway, no walk signal is visible.
  • 1443 Monroe Street Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Third time reporting this light being out. 4 days ago a crew came by checked it and left without fixing the problem. It is unsafe and creates a possible danger for residents and passers-by
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1813-1823 Adams Mill Road Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    The small landscaped island on Columbia rd and Adams Mill rd across from the (recently closed) Exon gas station is host to a fearless colony of rats. Rats are visible nightly moving around between the bushes here.
  • Tree Pruning Archived
    3500 16th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    Low hanging branches of leaning tree is limiting sidewalk use.
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1411 Monroe St Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    There are large weeds on the empty property at 1411 Monroe st nw. At night many rats are in the weeds.
  • Other Archived
    2433-2461 16th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    We need more crosswalk enforcement at this intersection. With no light or crossing signal NO ONE stops for pedestrians. I've nearly been run over multiple times crossing from the bus stop to the Harris Teeter.
  • 3642-3698 16th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Mount Pleasant
    There is a pothole on 16th St. that is lager (both wider and longer) than the size of a sedan due to ongoing road construction. For several weeks, it was a mound which I jokingly referred to as the largest, unmarked speed bump in the city. Some work was done to the area and it is no longer a mound, but a trench with several, deep potholes within the trench itself, and it doesn't matter how slowly you drive over it, you will still hit each dent with a bang. I have to drive over or around this every day on both my morning and evening commutes. I have witnessed fender benders and bottlenecking as a result, and my drive has become noticably longer as a result of the delays this causes. I'm sure my poor tires are much worse for the wear as well. Please fix!
  • 1864 Park Road Northwest Washington, DC 20010, United States of America - Mount Pleasant
    This car must be towed. It has been left dangerously blocking safe alley access and creating an imminent traffic hazard. It has been parked illegally for 1 week
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1347 Parkwood Pl Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights