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  • 1376 Park Rd Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Every single day a large group homeless people, alcoholics and thieves congregate in front of the Z Burger restaurant. We need the City to act!
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    1756 Lanier Pl Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Always had some now they are everywhere
  • 1449 Columbia Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Columbia Heights
    cover is broken in three pieces and looks like it could fall in if someone stepped on it, causing serious injury. In alley directly behind church at 1459 columbia rd nw
  • 1864 Park Road Northwest Washington, DC 20010, United States of America - Mount Pleasant
    This car must be towed. It has been left dangerously blocking safe alley access and creating an imminent traffic hazard. It has been parked illegally for 1 week
  • 3100-3158 14th St Nw Washington, DC - Columbia Heights
    It has been difficult to find a bicycle parking space in front of the DC USA entrance for years now. No lack of car parking though. It's not like this just sometimes, it's like this ALL the time. Someone is seriously out of touch with how to encourage more people to bike in this city.
  • 3020 14th St Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Columbia Heights
    Unlimited number of potholes becoming more and more dangerous to vehicles and pedestrians.
  • 1371 Perry Pl Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Gang graffiti. Is located in the south alley of the 1300 block of Spring Rd. NW. Is located on the garage on the east side of the alley.
  • 2401 Ontario Rd Nw Washington 20009, United States - Adams Morgan
  • 1364 Oak St Nw Washington, DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    No trash or recycling was collected from our block today. Recycling pick-up is especially important as it is only once per week.
  • 3136 19th St Nw Washington 20010, United States - Mount Pleasant
    Vehicles parked in alley between Adams Mill Rd NW and 19th St NW, 3100 block
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    Mt Pleasant St & Harvard St Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Rabaut Park is a rat nest. When you walk through in the evenings, at least five scurry across. It's gross. Pls de-rat this park!
  • 1620 V St. Nw Washington, DC - U Street Corridor
    10/24/2011 found stolen bike on craigslist. It was in possession of a pawn shop "the gold factory" on Florida ave NW. I went over there to retrieve stolen bike. Stopped a police officer to assist in looking in the shop. He confirmed the bike was inside, said I needed the police report number which is 142202. As well as the serial number of the bike which I got and after three more police arrived on the scene they matched it to the bike in the pawn shop. But was told that I would have to wait for a pawn shop police officer to come on duty who apparently only works bankers hours. This was fine until reading dc regulation 16-908.3. Any officer witH probable cause can take an item from a pawn shop. After leaving messages with the pawn division numerous times I have heard nothing back. This is unbelievable seeing how I did all the "police work" in finding it. I have lost faith in any justice in this city as my bike sits at a pawn shop on Florida out of the rightful owners hands waiting on the police to just go get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.