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Midtown Raleigh

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  • Rowan St And Six Forks Raleigh, NC - Six Forks Corridor
    A left turn light is needed when turning onto Six Forks from Rowan Street by St. Timothy's School. This is especially needed during school arrival and dismissal. The cars turing left onto Six Forks from St. Timothy's School and the cars turning left onto Six Forks from Carroll Middle School have trouble safely turning. Please fix this before there is a severe accident and a child from one of the schools is hurt.
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    4309 Pamlico Dr Raleigh, NC 27609, USA - Six Forks
    Please paint white lines on Rowan St. at the base of the stop signs in both directions. This intersection has been conducive to drivers running the stop signs for many years and the city has already invested heavily in trying to prevent this. However, I believe a solution as simple as white lines on the street would provide the necessary visual queue for drivers approaching the intersection on Rowan St.
  • 100 Dartmouth Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    North Hills and North Hills East could be connected via a pedestrian bridge over Six Forks Road at Dartmouth.
  • 4200 Quail Hollow Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Falls Of Neuse

    In the Eastgate Park playground, there is a set of steps for the younger children's playset that is dangerous. Picture attached. The steps are uneven (by design) with drop off and no railings. For steps meant for younger children that don't yet have good stability this is incredibly dangerous. Although I know the parks staff chooses certified safe equipment, this particular piece amazes me as it seems dangerous by design.

    Does anyone else feel these stairs are inherently dangerous and in need of replacement?

    Btw, beyond this, all the playground equipment seems great.

  • 5436 Six Forks Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    Almost every time I pass by or go to Food Lion at this shopping center I notice car(s) parking at the front of the store in the Fire Zone No Parking. There are signs here, but apparently the boots (local police officers) need to begin writing tickets so people take it serious. It's very unsafe for children walking out of the store (on coming traffic won't see the pedestrian if cars are parked there)
  • 4208 Wingate Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Falls Of Neuse
    The City of Raleigh needs a third leaf pick-up each season. With only two pick-ups per season, leaves rot in the street, wash into storm drains, blow back onto yards, interfere with traffic, etc.
    This issue was presented to the COR Public Works Directer this past spring at a meeting of the Midtown CAC, and strongly supported by the residents.
    Please have the Raleigh City Council address this issue.
    Thank you for your attention.
  • Rowan St Between Six Forks Rd & Drexel Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    4 or 5 speed humps were built on Rowan St with "Speed Hump 25 MPH" signs. The humps were built much too high, the crests of some humps were ground off & flattened making them even bumpier. The humps also are still too high. Cars have to slow to ~ 10 - 15mph to pass over. Please remove the incorrectly-built humps and build them shorter and smoother as those on Northbrook Dr.
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    4208 Six Forks Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    Need either an overpass or underpass for pedestrians to connect the two large developments on both sides of Six Forks Rd at this point.
  • Sewage Smell Archived
    3207 Milton Road Raleigh, NC - Six Forks
    There has been a strong sewage smell over the past month, in our neighborhood. It is generally worse in the evening and on the hottest days.
  • 141 Park At North Hills Raleigh, NC 27609, USA - Six Forks Corridor
    After numerous reports of noise violations after 11:00pm, the situation remains unchanged. Despite proposed remedies, we are frequently awakened until after 2:00am by large groups of loud, and often intoxicated, patrons from this establishment. This has been recorded on video, and submitted in previous complaints.
    Do the residents of this building retain any rights in regards to noise given the existence of the business downstairs? As it stands right now, the city noise ordinance period of 11pm-7am is not being adhered to on most nights. If the business is not to be held accountable for the noise, then this space is nearly unlivable. It would be good to know if we need to move or if we have any hope of this changing.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • Garbage Archived
    Raleigh Beltline Raleigh, NC 27609, USA - Six Forks Corridor
    With Raleigh being in the national spotlight during the upcoming NHL All-Star weekend, it would be nice to have all of the trash and debris cleaned up along the beltline. The vines growing wildly on the brick barrier walls look pretty bad too.
  • 827 Bankston Woods Way Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks
    At the corner of Bankston Woods Way and Rushworth Drive in the Townes at Cheswick neighborhood, there is an ongoing parking issue, in which cars consistently park at the very edge of the intersection, thus making a one-car-only pathway and presenting a visual obstruction to incoming and outgoing drivers. The neighborhood has agreed that signage indicating something to the effect of "No Parking Here to Curb" or similar is sorely needed. This is definitely creating a situation where collisions could occur (and nearly have on multiple occasions) and endangers children walking and biking in the neighborhood as well. Our HOA is at a loss because the streets are not private and although they have reached out to the repeat parkers who station their cars there (they also have a driveway and other overflow parking options) the parkers have refused to stop doing this. We would like signage to officially discourage this dangerous parking choice. Thank you!