South Salt Lake Public Works

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  • Trash/Litter Archived
    2230 S 600 W South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    Gate appears to be left unhinged by someone, and more trash and furniture is showing up here next to bridge and pond.
  • Pothole Archived
    2390 Us-89 South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    Pot hole on right side of middle lane. Roughly 18-24 in across and 6 in deep.
  • 3302 S 300 W Salt Lake City, UT, 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    1:58p.m. today 3/14/2019.
    The left turn signal from eastbound 3300 S. onto northbound 300 westbound is only staying green for about 3-5 seconds. This is an issue because it backs traffic into the intersection coming off the freeway.
  • 2448 State St South Salt Lake, UT 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    I am stuck there
  • Road damage Archived
    746-848 W 4000 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84123, USA - South Salt Lake
    West Bound 4000 south left lane road is broken and full of potholes between 700 west to 1000 west. Cars tend to drive on the right side of the lane to avoid the rough road pushing right lane travelers close to the right shoulder to avoid collision with left lane travelers avoiding the rough road.
  • Rough Road Archived
    256 West 3300 South South Salt Lake, UT - South Salt Lake
    The road is rough under the underpass
  • Pothole Archived
    I-15 N South Salt Lake 84115, United States - South Salt Lake
    There are around 3 to 4 very large pot holes. They are located as you pull in the brickyard plaza in between brickyard animal hospital and auto zone
  • Camera image Archived
    3300 S 700 E Salt Lake City, UT, 84106, USA - South Salt Lake
    The UDOT camera image at 3300 south and 700 east is very blurry. There may be damage to the lens. Almost the entire image is unreadable.
  • Striping Archived
    I-15 N Salt Lake City, UT, 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    Along I-15, when it is raining, it is very hard to see the lines. Other states I have driven in have reflective lane lines, which makes it much easier to navigate in the rain, especially in the dark when it is raining.
  • W 3300 S Salt Lake City, UT, 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    Giant pool of water as your heading East on 3300 S and just before entering either the Northbound or Southbound I15 entrances.
    My car was damaged upon impact of pool so I hope others vehicles don't suffer the same fate.
  • 303 & I-15 N South Salt Lake, UT, 84115, USA - South Salt Lake
    signal west bound 3300 so to on ramp south bound I-15. Light has not metered traffic ready to enter on ramp. All lights red in all directions for over 1 to 2 minutes then the light might turn green. I have ran a red multiple time. This light has issues at 4: 35 am
  • Camera Outage Archived
    Lincoln Hwy Salt Lake City, UT 84115, USA - South Salt Lake

    US-6 @ Canyon Rd / SR-198 / MP 177.12, SPF

    Camera ID242