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  • Long Island Macarthur Airport (Isp) 100 Arrival Ave #100, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Snow piled at least 25+ ft high by large blowers (keep this tag: snowpile012811)
  • 1840 Relyea Drive - Ronkonkoma

    Street lamp cover is loose and is flapping around when wind blows.

    This seems to present a danger to pedestrians.

  • 105 Nathan Drive Bohemia, NY - Ronkonkoma
    3 potholes in from of my home, please repair.
  • 105 Nathan Drive Bohemia - Ronkonkoma
    deep potholes located at 105 Nathan Drive, Bohemia
  • rt 25 Open
    Rt 25 Wading River - Ronkonkoma
    from wading river-smithtown roads have holes uneven roads not enough greens arrows for turning plus turning green arrows are too short for even four cars to get get through lights
  • Lawrence NY, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Inrersection of Bay Blvd and Rason Road in Lawrence
    I big Pot Hole
  • 105 Nathan Drive Bohemia 11716 - Ronkonkoma
    large potholes in front of my home - were fixed once but snowpoles tore them up again
  • Bluepoint Road Farmingville, NY 11738, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Driving on this portion of Bluepoint Road is like driving an obstacle course. Numerous potholes of various sizes and depths.
  • potholes Archived
    Deer Park Blvd And Emerson St. - Ronkonkoma
    numerous potholes at the corner
  • 2257-2299 Smithtown Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    numerous holes on North side of Smithtown Ave between 2nd street and Lakeland Ave.
    Large hole at intersection of Vets and Lakeland next to sewer drain.
    Hole is on airport side of Lakeland Ave at corner when turning on to Lakeland from going north on Vets.
  • 2180 Louis Kossuth Ave Ronkonkoma NY 11779, United States - Ronkonkoma
    Streetlight on Louis Kossuth between 3rd and Peconic is out. West side of street roughly middle of block.
  • Smith st Archived
    Ronkonkoma NY, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Smith St the road to get to Sachem north has pot holes from Rustic Rd to infront of sachem north.