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  • All Of Coates And Grundy Ave Holbrook Ny - Ronkonkoma
    The entire length of Grundy Avenue and Coates Avenue in Holbrook have HUGE pot holes.. some had been filled in with gravel but it washes away in a day or two.. it's a bandaid fix.. why can't our roads be fixed properly? Every road in Suffolk County has the same problem.. I have seen cars at the side of the road fixing flat tires because of potholes.. they are so bad they are getting hard to advoid.
  • Interstate 495 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    LIE Westbound, right lane, exactly at the turnoff for Exit 59; top 2-3" of pavement is slicing off very quickly within a 150-200 square foot area (contained within the right lane) and has been repaired in the past but is quickly deteriorating.
  • 2306 Locust Ave Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    There is a whole area in front of this location, almost 20 feet long, that is chopped up. It has some deep holes, missing pavement and is constantly flooded. It makes walking past the house, or parking in front extremely difficult. It has also caused two flat tires from items floating in the still and high waters. It is contantly several inches deep. Cars can not pass without trouble during any storms. Now ice has covered the entire area making it dangerous for the kids walking to the bus stop. They have to walk into the road to pass.
  • 2262 Janet Ave North Bellomre, Ny, 11710 - Ronkonkoma
    in North Bellmore on Columbus ave off Bellmore rd large pothole
    also all along on Janet Ave off Bellmore Rd the sidewalks have not been cleaned so pedestrians are walking on the roads which is very dangerous
  • E/B Ramp 59 Lie - Ronkonkoma
    ent ramp59 e/b to exit 60 many teeth chatering holes
  • Union Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    There are AT LEAST 50 potholes on Union Avenue between Hawkins Avenue and Main Street on both the north and south sides of the street. People are driving in the middle to avoid there CRATERS, and it is becoming a dangerous situation!!
  • Dougherty Ave Holbrook NY - Ronkonkoma
    All side dead end streets in Holbrook never repaved. Just where does our tax money go????????????
  • Expressway Service Road North - Ronkonkoma
    In the right lane of the north service road for the Expressway right after you cross over Hawkins Avenue in will swallow a tire!
  • Ronkonkoma NY, USA - Ronkonkoma
    On Vets Highway North of Broadway Avenue - Holbrook...Between Grundy & Lincoln Avenues (near the new Valero gas stations)...There's about 5/6 in the same location...
  • 926-998 Marconi Ave Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    Where Marconi Ave meets Smithtown Blvd - the road is too high (too large of a bump).
  • Fir Grove Rd Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    How well was my street plowed during the storm please add a date and time:
  • Gary Way Ronkonkoma, NY - Ronkonkoma