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  • (pothole) Archived
    67 Main St Malden, MA - Malden Ward 1
    many potholes along this street..very hazardous
  • 1-41 Charles St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    About three years ago the post with the walk button was replaced but the button was not. There is no way to call the walk light up from this corner. It creates no alternatives for walkers but to cross against a light on Main or Charles. This is dangerous, please put the walk button back.
  • 35 Gould Avenue Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    Resident at 47 Gould ave does not put trash out for removal. Trash is left outside, next to the building. Yuck.
  • Fairmont St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1

    About year 1-2 yrs ago, 90-92 fairmont street was purchased and rented. I do not know who the landlord is but the neighbors and I have been witnessing a multitude of issues with the new tenants.
    1) #90- On the second floor, there is a couple living there who have different but steady tenants coming in and out. (between 3-4 people extra that change every few months. We are assuming that they are subletting.
    2) #92 -There are at least 5-6 people currently living in the property when the landlord rented to one woman. Again, these people change from time to time, indicating a sub-letting.

    With all these people in a small house, comes:
    1) Alcohol related fighting in the middle of the night-(police are called several times)
    2) Trash is put out every friday night when the trash day is Monday. As a result Animals break through the bags, leaving garbage all over the street
    3) Constant noise into all hours of the night (music, fighting, parties)
    4) No respect for the neighbors
    5) Absent landlord
    6) MOST IMPORTANTLY: They bring with them 10-12 cars (driveway only holds 3 cars). including vans, constructions vans and their own cars but 10 spots are taken on Fairmont street from this one house.

    Everyone is sick of it! Please help us.

    Neighbors on Fairmont Street, Malden

  • 99 Charles St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    Please explain why the City of Malden refuses to enforce the attached section of the city ordinance, Stop and Shop is allowing a local body shop to store cars on the Chales St side despite a city ordinance that requires auto repair shops to store all cars on the premises and a second ordinance that requires all off site parking even if no fee is charged to obtain a license. Stop and Shop is violating both of these ordinances but for some reason is receiving special treatment. The cars are in various stages of repair, on the Charles St. Side between the entrance and Canal St. This has been reported twice before and closed with no action. Please treat all auto shops and land owners equally
  • Snow Archived
    27 Meridian Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1
    I don’t understand why the plow just came up the middle of strret. It’s odd side of the street parking and a good 6 ft of snow was left to the curb. So now it’s become a one way street will cars parked almost to the middle of the street. I thought the reason for a snow emergency was to make it easier to clean the streets.
  • 99 Charles St Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1
    Bikes blocking the handicap ramp from the handicap spots on the right side of the building. This continued disregard for the rights of our handicapped citizens by these bike share companies is disgusting
  • Overgrowth Archived
    60 Madison St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1

    We are having a big rodent problem in our backyard and front yard. It started happening when one of our neighbors moved their dumpster close to our property.

    I already have a pest control company that comes periodically and does the work. Is there anything City can assist to control the rodent problem in the neighborhood?

    Please feel free to call me if you want more information or need to discuss anything.

    Thank You for your help.

    Aditya Hejib

  • Walnut Terrace Malden Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1

    Children cannot walk in street to and from school and bus. Nearly every home owner has not shoveled the sidewalk from 108-115 Walnut making it impassable and dangerous for our children and in some cases parents. The kids will be forced to literally have to walk in the street.

    Initially we reported Cross to Walnut Terrace but the sidewalks were shoveled.

  • Other Archived
    Medford Street Malden, MA - Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1
    can you provide a status update as to when the constant planes flying over malden will end? or what's being done to help malden return to the quiet skies it had prior to memorial day weekend? perhaps you can add a link to the malden website to inform residents of what's happening and how they can complain? similar to the link on Somerville's homepage?
  • 185 Centre St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1
    Pedestrian crossing button near Walgreens not working. Doesn’t light up/speak when touched.
  • 233 Main St Malden 02148 United States Malden Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1


    The response feels quite unsatisfactory, as it fails to recognize the actual issue. The crosswalk signals and the 'moved' crosswalk do not line up at all. They are not even on the same side of the road.

    While I can understand that the crosswalk was moved to make it a shorter crossing distant (that's fine and good), it does not address the safety issue of having crossing signals that do not align with the crosswalk. I regularly walk here and it's confusing for both pedestrians and cars.

    It's an accident waiting to happen and should be considered an open and active issue to be addressed.