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  • 238-242 Main Street Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    I've reported this intersection before, to no avail. But yesterday I was driving from Madison onto Eastern Ave, and stopped for two gentleman who needed to cross the intersection. I watched as cars continued through from the Eastern Ave side, unconcerned about the pedestrian walk signal, while the men dodged cars. Then a car coming from behind me on Madison swerved around me to continue onto Eastern, nearly striking the pedestrians. This situation is a disaster waiting to happen - please consider a ped only light cycle or repainting the ped crossing to utilize the island.
  • 327 Main St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    What is wrong with the person who left this here squarely in the middle of the sidewalk? Whoever did it should lose their membership. If Limebike is at all serious about respecting the rights of pedestrians, and especially the disabled and our senior citizens, they will. It's bike no. 157-451. So it should be easy for Limebike to hold the user accountable. But they won't (prove me wrong, Limebike). If Limebike wants to be a part of this community, they and their users need to start acting like responsible members of it.
  • 146-150 Belmont Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1
    Every morning between 5:30-7:30 am a motorcycle speeds down Belmont street waking my entire household up each time. This motorcycle is beyond loud and goes WELL above the speed limit. My family and I have lived here for 3 years and have experienced a growing lack of regard for the speed limit on this street. Multiple accidents from cars speeding trying to dodge parked cars, loud speeding motorcycles and sports cars. It has gotten out of hand being a straightaway and motorists thinking it's the Autobahn. What can be done - lighted speed limit signs? Police presence (at least temporarily during early morning and peak hours)? SPEED BUMPS? Something needs to give for the safety of this neighborhood.
  • 14 Medford St Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1
    From the beginning of Medford st to Howard St, sidewalk broken all around
  • 41 Cross Street Malden, MA - Malden Ward 1

    hazard location.

    This is a re-add from the post from over two years ago. Everyday around 5 people almost get into car accidents or hit crossing the street. We need a Stop Sign added to Cross St making the intersection of Cross St and Hancock St a all way stop.

  • 1-15 Clarendon St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    Whoever owns this property never shovels their side facing property line. They only ever shovel the Clarendon side of their property. There house sits at the corner of Clarendon and Main Street and is a major path to the bus stop. This has been happening for years. This weeks snow storm has made it even worse. There is no public sidewalk access from the street at Main and Clarendon. Please have this homeowner properly clear the snow from ALL sides of their property before it turned to ice. Residents are having to walk in the street.
  • 91-127 Charles St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1
    Please paint road with lanes. No idea if this is one or two lanes, and everyone interprets it differently. Please get your stuff together.
  • Century Bank 140 Ferry St, Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 1

    Traffic cutting through Century Bank parking lot to avoid traffic light @ Eastern Avenue and Ferry Streets. Saw TWO vehicles passing through this morning. DANGEROUS as they are coming out the Ferry Street side and cut through the traffic to get onto Ferry Street heading towards the Ferryway School.

    Also encountered MANY vehicles blocking intersections AND running red lights on my short trip to drop off at the Malden Centre MBTA Station this morning. 😨

    ALOT more traffic these days in Malden. We need to be on top of violators to make our roads safer for EVERYONE.

    Thank you.

  • 26 Judson St Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1
    The tree stump grinding was done before the winter, but the tree hole on the concrete sidewalk was not repaired, which needs to be filled in to prevent tripping hazard. There're elderly people and kids walking through this sidewalk very often (a school is nearby).
  • Intersection Of Cross St And Walnut St Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 1

    Vehicle travelling along Cross St are speeding excessively. At the intersection of Cross and Walnut a vehicle crashed into a crosswalk sign and a house as well on Tuesday 5/2/17. This is the second such accident at the same intersection.

    On this same day I witnessed a vehicle traveling on Cross St cross center line into the opposite lane and almost causing a head-on collision with oncoming cars - again speeding was involved.

    Can a speed check be posted here to help with the speeding issues along this street before someone gets seriously hurt?

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    59 Green St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1

    License plate 6CN 596 - Honda Accord - gray

    Day #3 of “parking” after 8pm, with car on - 2 people sitting inside. Yesterday they were there for at least 2 hours. Today it’s been about 1 hour, so far. Oh, in front of a hydrant too.

  • 53 Madison St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 1
    These businesses never clear this portion of sidewalk and after every storm it’s an icy dangerous mess