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  • 465 Fellsway East malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    We were told blue bags would end along time ago. We need big green reusable barrels like many other places in the country bags are too expensive and same as a hefty bag for a lot less
  • Speeding Archived
    Fellsway East Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    Can we please get more police details out on Fellsway East. The current speed limit is 25mph but we endanger our lives each day trying to cross this street. Cars zoom down this street, faster than the posted limit and do not stop for people in cross walks. Kids are in danger because people are being allowed to travel at excessive speeds on this road. Thanks for your time.
  • 31 Murray Hill Rd Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    We have been in the routine of not receiving mail certain days of the week. No one on my direct neighborhood received mail yesterday. Not the first time. We ate seeing a pattern now. Tried calling the post office and phone is off the hook. For two days now it rings busy all day. Same thing last week when we didn't receive mail. Its not because of the snow. Anybody else want to join in this matter. If they don't answer the phone and take it off the hook then this forum is our last resort.
  • 186 East Border Road Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    The dog that lives at 186 east border road is back off leash again. They've been letting him roam loose again for a couple of months now but today and yesterday I've seen him chasing cars a lot and almost get hit. It's not fair to the dog that these people are irresponsible and I don't want to see him get killed by a car. He also looks in much worse shape than the last time I complained about him being loose last fall. Dog is dark gray and small and named whiskey. By the pole in the photo. Also attacks people walking by from the high wall around their house (which is full of trash again, as an aside).
  • Other Archived
    136 Summer Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    Apartment building had heavy machinery positioned within inches of neighboring houses early this morning with absolutely no notice to neighbors. Machinery ripped up pavement, shook neighboring houses like an earthquake, causing items to fall off walls & shelves, filled neighboring homes with smoke & dirt. No notice at all this would be done.
  • 83 Summer Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    the courthouse lot is always plowed, but the sidewalk is always plowed IN and never cleared making you have to walk on busy summer street and around parked cars
  • 109 Savin Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    Every day at 6:15 a.m I walk by the beautiful patch of green at Savin and Cushing, provided by Mike's landscaping and the automatic sprinkler system is on pouring out gallons of water a minute, but it is aimed wrong, and most of the water goes
    into the street and runs down the gutter. .
  • Other Archived
    82 Woodland Road Malden, MA 02148, United States of America - Malden Ward 3
    This part of the side of the road was torn up when the new road was put in. It needs to have more dirt put in and grass seed applied.
  • 31 Grace St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 3
    Here is another car on Grace street that has been here for 2 weeks. Most likely living here and avoiding changing plates and taxes.
  • 347 Pleasant Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    Can a crosswalk marking be put in the que for painting outside the beauty school to the triangle park across the street from the fire station. The sidewalks depress in both locations, so only the markings would be needed.
  • 11 Murray Hill Park Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    Experiencing very low water pressure
  • Other Archived
    134 Summer Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 3
    Nelson Miller says we should complain to the property owner about damage done to our properties by a giant pavement miller, larger than we've ever seen on city streets, while ignoring our repeated point that we don't know who the property owner is & have ZERO contact information for that person as he/she/it never bothered to introduce itself.