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  • 258 Exchange Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4

    The crossing from the Train Station to Exchange Street, and the subsequent first block on Exchange, is a dangerous mess that ought to be remedied immediately.

    Please consider:

    1. Prohibiting vehicular traffic on Exchange from Commercial Street to wherever both sides of the street have a sidewalk from, say, 8-9:30AM and 4-6:30PM M-F.

    2.Prohibiting all vehicular standing and pick-up/drop-off at the corner of Exchange and Commercial until 2 sidewalks are available then.

    3. Painting a crosswalk across Exchange Street at the western corner of Exchange and Jackson.

    4. Placing a MPD vehicle and officer near the jersey barrier across from the T but facing toward Rt. 60 (i.e., parked against traffic) to monitor.

    At evening rush hour, many drivers block the intersection while pedestrians briefly have the walk-light. Sometimes they even driving slowly right THROUGH the red light as pedestrians attempt to cross! MBTA buses are also offenders. Sometimes they encroach on pedestrians rather than just wait 15 seconds to get through the light and turn into the station busway. Cars double park on the southeast corner, blocking pedestrian access to the sidewalk and waiting to pick up passengers from the T.

    Perhaps that's all old news, but with the construction and pedestrian crowding, the negative impact on walking near the T is much worse than before.

    The one sidewalk on Exchange is often jammed because it has narrow stretches that get completely blocked by normal, unavoidable use, e.g., parent going slowly with a double stroller, person moving slowly due to mobility issue, people stopped briefly outside the daycare, people carrying parcels...whatever.

    Meanwhile, you step off the sidewalk into the narrow driving corridor at your own risk. Some drivers, maybe upset that they had to navigate the crowds of pedestrians back at the corner, accelerate quickly, to dangerous speeds for such a narrow, packed space.

    I notice that Exchange Street is fully blocked to traffic when the construction company needs better access. Residents should be afforded the same consideration and safety every day.

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    East Coast Greenway Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4

    Sidewalk closure that affects pedestrian safety. There is nowhere that is safe to walk, and people are forced onto Route 60. There are no pedestrian lights that allow us to cross Rt. 60 safely from the east side to avoid the closure.

    I have posted about this previously, 6 days ago, and despite strong interest from the community, as evidenced by votes and comments, no city or police official has responded yet. Please assign this to someone who can respond in a very timely way.

    All that is needed is to cone off the area so that pedestrians have a safe place to walk. As lanes have been coned off all over the city for construction projects, this seems like a very small thing to ask.

    Previous post:

  • 31 Commercial St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 4
    This signal has been flashing yellow for several days. That creates a danger for people trying to cross to and from buses and Subway as they cannot call for a walk signal.
  • 299 Exchange Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4

    I proceeded to watch three separate cars run a red light and nearly clip a group of pedestrians attempting to cross the street at the Exchange/Commercial intersection during the morning commute.

    Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. While the construction project is disruptive for both drivers and pedestrians, many of us pedestrians are forced to jaywalk in order to traverse both crossings to reach Exchange St/Malden Center T Station within the allotted crossing signal time (~10 seconds). With drivers becoming irate and impatient waiting in traffic, and subsequently running the red light, pedestrian crossing time can nearly be halved, resulting in even more jaywalking.

    Has there been any thought given to assigning a crossing guard during the AM/PM rush hour to provide some additional visibility to pedestrians crossing this busy intersection during the on-going construction?

  • 862 Main Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4
    With the increase in traffic from Main Street coming from Melrose, it has become increasingly difficult to make a left turn from Main Street onto Winter Street. A slight green light delay for the cars coming towards Malden could help alleviate some of the congestion, especially during rush hour periods when it is almost impossible to make the turn.
  • 15 Winter Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4
    This is the second consecutive house on winter street that doesn't have snow cleared on the sidewalk.. The property is steps from the Oak Grove T station and yesterday at rush hour, a half dozen pedestrians were walking along the shoulder of busy Winter Street to get by.
  • Linden Avenue Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4
    For the past 6 hours (first heard it when I got home from work at 7pm and it’s now 1am), something has beeped very loudly every 60 seconds. I live on Linden Ave and it seems to be coming from somewhere near the YMCA. It sounds like the beeping when your fire alarm battery needs to be changed, but it is loud enough to be heard several streets over (inside with the windows open). I walked up the street but I could not find the source and I don’t know what to do. It’s very annoying.
  • 31 Commercial St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 4
    Yet another bike on the sidewalk. Please keep the sidewalks clear for WALKING, not PARKING. We need a bikeshare that uses DOCKS.
  • 44 Sprague St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 4
    Last evening walking back from the Malden T station along Florence Street, I found that the sidewalks were treacherous. I, and most other pedestrians, walked on the street. (The same has been true in past years.) Some of the unshoveled location is city property (bridge near the Y), other property is the zip car parking lot on Florence and several private homeowners. This is a well travelled pedestrian route that should have a high priority, in my opinion. Thanks.
  • Main Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 4
    This has been posted multiple times in the recent past and the issue appears to be persisting. There is an individual residing at 104 Autumn Street driving motorcycles with altered mufflers that wake up the whole neighborhood at all hours of the night (last night it was around 1 AM). The motorcycles are plate # 1R 3242 and 2F 1948. Lieutenant Fortier in the Traffic Department of the Malden Police has been contacted and this problem continues. Can something please be done? This is badly damaging quality of life in the area.
  • 12 Autumn St Malden, MA 02148, USA - Malden Ward 4

    Re: issue 6510319. Since the city won't allow us to comment on other posts, I've had to open a new one. The poster suggested making Autumn a one way. ABSOLUTELY NOT. For those of us who live on Autumn and the adjacent streets, making us sit through multiple light cycles at Winter and Main just to get home around the corner would be completely unfair. The idea has been raised before. Residents have been quite clear in their opposition.

    The poster is however absolutely correct that the area has become unacceptably dangerous. I've seen the same reckless maneuver s/he describes more times than I can count. But the issue is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE LACK OF TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT at that intersection and more generally, city-wide. We need ENFORCEMENT of traffic laws against the people committing the violations, not rules that punish residents on top of everything else they are already being subjected to by commuters using our neighborhood as a shortcut. I have NEVER seen a traffic stop on Autumn. Literally NEVER, despite probably a violation a minute every day during rush hour.

  • 21 Winter Street Malden, MA 02148, United States of America - Malden Ward 4
    Not sure if this house is actually on Winter or Autumn st, but house on the corner has not shoveled Winter st sidewalk at all. Very close to Oak Grove so high auto and pedestrian traffic. Very dangerous.