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  • Off Forrest St Malden, MA 02148 - Malden Ward 7
    Waite's Mount Park off Forrest St looks like Beirut or Baghdad, a total disgrace with graffiti on the granite rocks, tons of broken glass not too long ago this was a beautiful and much loved and used neighborhood park
  • Massachusetts 60 Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    This sidewalk is closed but there is no effective detour when walking west, from Franklin Street (my home) towards the Malden Center train station. In fact, the sign stating the sidewalk is closed is only present in the other direction. And there is no safe way to cross Rt. 60 from Franklin Street to the point of the closure; a pedestrian-light is only present on the other side of the closure. Further, if I were to cross over Rt. 60 on my way home there would be no way to get back across after the detour, for the same reason. This morning I ended up walking right past a bunch of large construction equipment that was in use, and hoping that the operators saw me. Perhaps coning off that part of Rt. 60 so people could walk safely would be a better approach.
  • Unsafe streets Acknowledged
    87 Boylston Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    I have complained about this before and we had a cruiser one day stop people. One day just doesn't do it. As a resident of this city I expect more. School is bnb in session and kids are everywhere and we still have cars flying down the street with not as much as slowing down at the stop sign. Can I buy my own speed bump and put it in the street? At least this way I can ensure the safety of the children in this neighborhood since our city doesn't care.
  • Harvard Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    I am waiting for my plumber to arrive to fix my toilet that broke when the rust came rushing through when you flushed the hydrants in ward 7 on Sunday. Can I look to the City for reimbursement of this bill. Also in order to clear the rust it was necessary for me to run the water non-stop for close to two hours. Can I look to the City for an adjustment on my water bill for this. Look forward to your response.
  • Horrible work Archived
    Wyeth Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    What in the unseasoned chicken is going on with this work on wyeth st. First the streets look horrible and the entire street got excited about the streets being redone even thought it was a year late we got excites to see the trucks outside. Now they finished and it looks like it was the asphalts company first day in business. After thr horrible works done a construction company starts worling on 78 wyeth st they are building unsafe decks it looks like the asphalt guys help them over there and they are workinf until 12am every night
  • 87 Upham St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 7
    87 Upham Street Malden, MA does not have any windows, nor does it have a chimney. The house is abandoned, rain pours through the house and garbage is everywhere, which encourages the already large population of neighborhood raccoons and possums to proliferate even more. I have more photos but can only upload one. Please do something about abandoned property!
  • 33–41 Henry St Malden MA 02148, United States - Malden Ward 7
    From lower to higher Henry St, Cross St from past Ferry down to past Bryant, I have call everyday about a all black Dodge Charger. All day and night speeding all the streets and car is extremely loud. Also blares music. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman. License plate is 8DZ469. The speed on the car is approximately 75 to 80 no exaggeration. They need to STOP these people. Someone or another car is going to be seriously hurt or killed! This is in need of immediate attention!!
  • Other Archived
    Harvard And Henry Street Malden, Massachusetts - Malden Ward 7
    I have to list this problem as "other" because despite numerous telephone calls to numerous people I have yet been able to get an answer. Back in the spring National Grid replaced the gas lines on Harvard and Henry Street. Day before yesterday there were about six people from National Grid in front of my house and then later I noticed the streets were remarked as they did back in the Spring. Some of my neighbors and I were concerned as to whether there was a problem (especially since we believe the people National Grid Gas are using are not Gas employees but instead private contractors. IN any event, I called the City to see what was being done and I was told to call the Gas Company. I then spent over three hours trying to get a person at the Gas company. I had some ICKY SWEET woman tell me that she had no idea what they were doing but she could guarantee me that I was safe! She then gave me the number of a person to call to see what they were doing and was quick to tell me that he wouldn't call me back right away but eventually he would. I got his voice mail and he said he was in the field and could not call me back at all and gave me another number. I have called her three times and still nothing. I went back to calling the city and various departments have either not called me back or have told me they have no idea what they are doing but that they could only do emergency work. We now have orange barrels up and down the street and they are ripping up sidewalks and laying some sort of black pipe. Now this may have nothing to do with the Gas company, i guess it could be water? But for the love of God is there nobody that can just tell us what they are doing, how long will they be here, will they be here like last time for months, who is doing the work? I see some Charles Contracting trucks, don't know if they are private contractors for City or Gas Company? Is this such a difficult thing for someone to answer. Please don't refer me to a department that is not going to answer my question. Please just find the answer and post here so everyone can know. Thank you
  • 289-455 Cross St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 7
    My father passed away on Oct 7, 2019 a 34 year veteran and was buried in the veterans section. His headstone has not been placed at his grave, so I called the funeral home in mid April 2020. The funeral home informed me that they would check because it usually takes 6 months for his stone to come in and the cemetery doesn’t install them until spring which both passed. The response I received was they are busy and working on it. In early May 2020 I called Forestdale cemetery to inquire and was told they were so busy they didn’t even have time to cut the grass. I was then promised that they would put it up before Memorial Day. On Saturday 5/23 evening low and behold no grave stone. I highly doubt Sunday or on the actual holiday anyone will be working. Totally unacceptable for a veteran or any family who paid to lay their love one to rest!
  • Other Archived
    296 Cross St Malden 02148, United States - Malden Ward 7
    Are they ever going to complete Cross an Henry St roads and sidewalks. This is really getting out of control. Ruining my car at lights cause of large dips, and driveway bump.
  • 28 Holyoke St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 7
    This property has been having constant foot traffic , 10-20 people come to this property on a daily basis and come for 5-10 mins, do hand to hand transactions to buy drugs and leave. Then turns into loud music, drinking and people talking loud at all hours of the night. 2 weeks ago there was a fight drug deal gone bad and a car shot up the street. Right now there’s a line of people waiting to buy drugs it’s ridiculous that we have to live next to this people. There’s litter and trash around the property just filthy. The first floor is over crowded with adults , teenagers and even little babies exposed to drugs, drinking and more.
  • 13 Holyoke St Malden, MA, 02148, USA - Malden Ward 7
    pressure washing trucks again and getting oil and grease on the street.