Rincon Hill Neighborhood

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  • 420 Main St San Francisco, CA 94105 - South Of Market
    There are car break-ins in this neighborhood every day. I see broken glass on the sidewalks from these break-ins on every block.
  • Rincon Park Embarcadero & Folsum, San Francisco, CA 94105 - Financial District
    Homeless are starting to camp out in Rincon Park. I have noticed 4-5 homeless camping here.
  • 18 Lansing Street San Francisco, California - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    Every time this issue has been brought up on this site, it has been closed. I would like to see this addressed and fixed by the SFMTA. Because of the parking meters on 1st, it is difficult to see when turning from Lansing. In addition, because of poor signage, cars frequently turn into Lansing, which is a one-way street. Since Oct. 2013, I have been taking pictures of the view from my car each time I attempt to exit Lansing. As you can see, it is only possible to see clearly when there isn't a car parked at the meter nearest Lansing. Go to: http://tinyurl.com/lansingstreet for more information.
  • 504 Harrison St San Francisco, CA 94105 - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    This intersection has several major problems:
    1) No crosswalk on the South side of Harrison.
    2) Improper lane markings in the left lane on 1st street going into One Rincon. It is now identified as a left turn only.
    3)Metal plate and big drop coming out of One Rincon that damages cars.
    4)No left turn on to Harrison from One Rincon.
    5)No protected left turn light on to the bridge from Harrison causing daily near misses with people going east bound on Harrison.
    6)Complete destroyed paving in the intersection and immediately close to it on both sides of Harrison.
  • 353 Embarcadero South St San Francisco, CA 94105 - South Of Market
    Last year, a lightpole nearby Epic Roasthouse was clearly backed into by a vehicle - the only vehicles parked up around the area were related to the construction of the new Kuleto restaurants. While the light pole has some wood bracing the pole, it has exposed electrical wiring and is an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful Rincon Park. The Port needs to replace it!
  • 518 Harrison St San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    This garbage has been here for at least a month. It is an eye sore and seems unsanitary
  • human waste Archived
    I guess our problem is fixed someone killed the guy that was living there, but the city didn't remove his belongs their now on the side walk.
  • 388 Beale St San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    Cover for street light electrical wires damaged and exposing wires to element on south side of bridge along Harrison Street (above Beale Street). PUC issue maybe?
  • 275-299 San Francisco Bicycle Route 11 San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    Traffic is not clearing the intersection at red lights, blocking cars with the green light.
  • 2nd St. Between Market And Mission - Financial District
    The road heading south on 2nd st. from market to mission is rather rough and bumpy, not fun on a bicycle!
  • 105 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    This sign has to be illegal. Terrible eye sore welcome to SF and it's definitely over the 100ft height sign limit. Please have this removed.
  • 450 Embarcadero San Francisco, CA - South Of Market
    There is a growing number of homeless camping out under the bridge on this block. They are setting up tents and semi-permanent structures here. There is an increase of human urine and feces around here also - so definitely a health risk.