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Regarding Keywords, it is important that the filter be Windsor but not south windsor or windsor locks or east windsor. I am a resident, you know Doug. NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS TO SAY I AM WATCHING! While I don't work in City Hall or for DOT, I can try to refer people.

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  • Speeding Archived
    139 Mountain Rd Windsor, CT 06095, USA - Windsor
    Reporting again about the ridiculous speeding on Mountain Rd. Not just private vehicles, but large tractor trailer trucks, dump trucks, police with no lights or sirens on, and lastly SCHOOL BUSES! Filled with children going at least 40. Out street is 25mph. I am afraid to even walk with my kids down the side walk. We had a cat turn up dead in our front yard. Clearly hit by a car. The speeding is out of control. Even with the speed reader that was placed in front of my drive way, people would go slow through it and speed up like crazy after they passed it. I yelled the speed limit to a bus driver with a bus full of kids and she gave me the "Wtf arms" taking BOTH her hands off the steering wheel traveling well over 25. I know there are other issues in town. But this is crazy. I had a friend's son get hit by a car in the center due to speeding. It's crazy. Something has to be done. The resolve to the issue the last time I reported in June, I believe, was an increase in patrol during rush hours. I haven't seen this increased presence. Neither have any of the neighbors I know and have spoken to. Also, the problem is bad at all times if the day. Not just the rush hours.
  • 32 Spring St CT 06095 - Windsor
    I live on spring street between 75 and 305. Since I moved here 7 yrs ago - MANY speeders on such a short street. My pet was hit/killed by one of those speeders. Can we get speedbumps like they have elsewhere? Young children live on this street we need to slow people down.
  • 85 Pierson Ln Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor

    The truck traffic on Palisado heading towards 85 Pierson Lane is out of control. I am woken up most nights in the 3 AM hour with the sounds of trucks coming and going.

    Trucks turning from southbound Palisado onto Pierson make a wide right turn at speed. I fear that it is only a matter of time before a truck takes the turn too wide and winds up going over the curb and into the First Church PreSchool playground at that corner. This could result in an unspeakable tragedy.

    Swift action needs to be taken to stop the usage of this property as a truck depot.

  • Other Archived
    Rainbow Rd. Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Has the Town of Windsor changed zoning laws again to accommodate a large land owner? A farm stand that sells flowers can now have a hot dog truck on it's premises? Are they turning the area into a rest stop?
  • 1042 Poquonock Avenue Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    As a result of the recent milling and repaving of Poquonock Ave (Rt. 75), all of the side streets from Brentwood Lane to West Street are covered with asphalt truck tire marks as well as dirt, rocks, gravel and other debris. The town should send out street sweepers and any other utilities necessary to clean up the mess. All these side streets look dirty and unsightly.
  • 26 Harvest Lane Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    This house has been vacant since 2014-Nov. It is owned by Wells Fargo. The pipes burst last Jan (2015.) Someone cleaned out some trash and 2 doors and placed them at the curb. When the snow plow came by it pushed the debris back into the driveway and broke the bags open.
  • Bloomfield Ave Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    At the corner of Bloomfield Ave and Mountain Rd traveling west bound, there needs to be a green arrow on that traffic light for drivers to turn left safely on. Very difficult to turn left during peak hours especially with on coming traffic from a blind hill. Accident waiting to happen.
  • 61-199 Mountain Rd Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Green Arrow needed at this intersection going westbound on Bloomfield Ave at the corner of Mountain Rd. Very difficult during rush hour to turn left onto Mountain Rd, not to mention dangerous with oncoming traffic approaching from the east.
  • Construction Acknowledged
    Pierson Ln Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    Can someone please inform residents what is being constructed on Pierson Lane, in back, past recycle building. Dump trucks and tractor trailers in and out in the lot that was recently cleared. They are running all day and at times into the night.
    What is this for? What business is going to be there? How long will this be going on? So extremely loud and disruptive!! certainly a nuisance and very upsetting to residents.
    Please inform as I believe we have a right to know what all of this is for, how long we need to deal with this or if anything is being done to control this. Thank you
  • Mountain Road At Bloomfield Avenue Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor

    During the morning rush hour, westbound traffic often becomes backed up.due to the merge and possibly left turns into Brookview or Brewster Roads further west. When the westbound light turns yellow, and sometimes red, a number of cars or a truck will pull into the intersection, blocking Mountain Road during its green light, in hopes that traffic will move faster than if they waited for another green. Last week, a double length cargo container truck pulled into the middle of the intersection after the Mountain Road light had turned green and blocked the intersection for the entire green light on Mountain Road. On the next cycle, another truck did the same thing, blocking the intersection for a second entire green light. On the third cycle, three cars pulled in on the yellow light blocking Mountain Road again, before the line of cars on Mountain Road started collectively laying on our horns and forcing our way through the stopped cars. It is not usually this bad but it often happens whenever Bloomfield Avenue id backed up between 7:50am and 8:00am when people are running late for work.

    The other bad behavior is running the red light, sometimes at high speed, usually in the westbound direction. and not always during the morning rush, when speeds are slower. Typically when the light turns green on Mountain Road, you have to check both ways to be sure that someone trying to time the yellow light is not running into the intersection at speed on red. This behavior is so frequent that other residents north of Bloomfield Avenue tell me that they too are in the habit of waiting on green, expecting someone to run the red light.

    Within the last two weeks, I was waiting to turn left onto Bloomfield Avenue at about 1:00pm. A few seconds after my light turned green, a westbound tractor trailer, a straight truck and an SUV all entered the intersection on red at high speed with the last two tailgating so close that they probably couldn't see what color the light was when the semi went through. If I had gone on green, I would have been T-boned to death by that semi and the following vehicles would have been pancaked as well.

    I'm tempted to get a dashboard camera to document the frequency.

  • 108 Mountain Road Windsor, CT - Windsor
    6 to 8 cars at all times in front yard in different states. Repairs at all hours. This issue was addressed over a year ago and has resumed.
  • 296 Broad Street Windsor, CT - Windsor

    296 Broad Street
    Ace Hardware Store

    I call your attention to the large, Weber flag/sign in the area between the Broad Street sidewalk and Geissler’s parking lot. I believe it may belong to the hardware store.

    When exiting the parking lot by Subway and wanting to turn left from the lot/driveway, it is difficult to see traffic going north on Broad Street because of that sign. It obstructs the view of the cars going north making it difficult for a safe entrance into the flow of traffic. After a snowstorm, when the snow is piled up, the flag is a definite safety hazard.

    Thank you for looking into this matter.