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Regarding Keywords, it is important that the filter be Windsor but not south windsor or windsor locks or east windsor. I am a resident, you know Doug. NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS TO SAY I AM WATCHING! While I don't work in City Hall or for DOT, I can try to refer people.

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  • 373 Deerfield Rd Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    There has been a boat and trailer parked on the street for several months without moving, causing a hazard to drivers on Deerfield Road.
  • 629-631 Prospect Hill Road Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Two or three years now I have noticed this old truck so close to street it distracts drivers. Black/Rust with white roof. Sand gathered around flat tires. There may be other abandoned vehicles or debris on property.
  • Poquonock Ave Windsor, CT - Windsor
    Approx. 6 to 8 ft of public sidewalk was never installed between the new gas station and the driveway of the property to the south of it. This creates a hazard for pedestrians particularly in winter when it is not shoveled. I realize this is in the state's right of way, not the town's; but I would ask that you approach the state about rectifying this situation. Furthermore, something needs to be done to improve safety for pedestrians trying to reach the entrance to the gas station from the public walk. There should be a paved section cutting thru the planting area to keep people out of the way of vehicles entering from Poq. Ave. At the terminus of that walk lines painted on the pavement directing pedestrians to the building's entrance, while keeping them out of the path of cars pulling up to the pump, would add an extra measure of safety. If my explanation needs clarification, please call me. Thank you.
  • 237 Dudley Town Road Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Two Vehicles heading from Matianuck Ave. down Dudley Town Rd. toward Blue Hills Ave: one between 8-8:15 A.M. & the other between the 3-3:20 P.M. pass other cars beeping their horns at a high rate of speed EVERY DAY in front of our house. We've been unable to get a licence plate because they're traveling so fast. All we can tell is that the A.M. car is newer black Nissan sedan & the afternoon one is a white newer model Toyota. Our street is solid double yellow lined BUT because the paint is worn away in many areas these drivers probably think they can pass because the lines are "broken". Repainting is needed plus possibly a "No Passing" sign above the 30 m.p.h. sign in front of our house. It won't be long before you'll be reporting to a "head-on" in this area. Something really needs to be done seeing that an occasional patrol isn't resolving this ongoing problem.
  • 99 International Dr Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    2:30 AM trucks slamming and shaking houses. Anyone, anyone? Tom, don't you love the construction pre-7AM start time...try mowing your lawn at 6:15AM and see how fast you have a cop in your driveway!
  • 259 Windsor Ave Windsor 06095, United States - Windsor
    Overgrown vegetation along sidewalk makes using walkway difficult
  • 524 Kennedy Rd Windsor 06095, United States - Windsor
    When will the crosswalk be redrawn? Kennedy rd is a speedway and my children no longer have a safe way to cross to box turtle where they get the bus
  • 33 Milo Peck Ln Windsor 06095, United States - Windsor
    This house and yard are a disaster. Does the town have a blight ordinance that can be enforced? This house is bringing down the property values of the neighborhood. In addition to the grass being completely overgrown for the entire summer, there is always trash in the yard and driveway. Please help us Milo Peckers!
  • 99 International Dr Windsor, CT 06095, USA - Windsor
    Employees from dollar tree speed up and down stone road and pass people as well. They don't stop at stop signs, and they don't stop when pulling out of the facility. Something needs to happen before someone gets injured or killed. Never see any cops on the street during shift change.
  • 84 Brewster Road Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    There has been an above ground swimming pool recently installed in the location's front yard. There is no protective fencing installed and the access ladder is left in the pool. Please consider making a safety inspection of the installation as a means to eliminate any potential tragedy. Thank you.
  • Streetlight Archived
    No. Meadow Road @ Historical Society Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    It has been dangerous walking when leaving the historical society at night due to ALLl the streetlamps around the building along North Meadow Road and at the entrance to the historical society are out.
  • 63 Seymour Street Town of Windsor, CT 06095, United States of America - Windsor
    Reported before. No Action taken. Eversource made hole in the pavement to fix gas line in January across from 66 Seymour street. Taxpayers cars are being damaged and the neighborhood(taxpayers and voters) annoyed day and night by traffic noise and shaking every time a car hits the hole. Does any one can help?