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  • 7 Elm Street New Haven, CT - Town_Green
    Please increase the pedestrian crossing time at this intersection on State Street, Elm, and Grand Ave. One hardly has enough time to cross at a very brisk pace, which may be a bit too difficult for some people.
  • Corner Of Quinnipiac And Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    On the corner by Grand Vin there is a dark parking lot that attracts prostitutes and vandals. Since the building burned down there are no lights. Several cars were broken into or just smashed for fun. Also someone broke the window of the lofts at #1 Grand Ave months ago and it still isn't fixed. Who owns these properties? It looks like a ghetto.
  • 645 Grand Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    All American Waste truck K53262 is picking up trash in the Wooster Sq/Lyon St./Grand Avenue neighborhood at 5:30 am. This truck has been violating the noise ordinance for almost a year, and we call on the City to enforce its laws to protect the well being of residents. Additional pickup occurred at 645 Grand and 444 Grand.
  • 124 Front Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    Resident of Riverplace Condos on Front Street wondering why Wooster Square Park has a police car parked in the park in the evenings while Quinnipiac River Park and Front Street are hang outs for troublemakers. Also, I have seen pairs of policemen walking the "beat" together - East Pearl STreet and Grand Ave, why can't Front Street have foot patrols? I pick up the trash in front of my unit daily and see all kinds of drug paraphernalia, liquor bottles, etc on the street. On Friday, 7/24, a car hit a parked car and sped off. Front Street is often a drag strip - where are the police and why is no one concerned with the shenanigans that happen in the Quinnipiac River Park including that it is a camp site for the homeless?
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    9 Perkins St New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Failure to remove US Flag from Grand Acres Community Garden Plot has resulted in unjust non-renewal of Garden plot by New Haven Land Trust! Please see facebook page link blow: for picture of small US Flag! As an US American citizen gardener veteran will not comply with this order by the New Haven Land Trust Board thus resulting in the dismissal of participation at garden. Anytime one provides constructive criticism they reject the email and imply your behavior is not conducive to their mission objectives. For example their failure to properly communicate, front running a conversation and dialogue, public deformation of character of a gardener without proper instruction of bylaws to the gardener first and scaring a poor senior elderly 87 year old women to flee in the street because she is unaware she cannot pick tomato's in a posted community garden. Gardener suggested providing old lady with a garden plot she said she enjoys gardening and cannot do it at Fairbanks. To add confusion they post signs no harvesting not permitted by garden plot seed sowers assigned their perspective plots, meanwhile the gardener being non renewed donates what he grows to the local soup kitchens and had a crate basket out for theft mitigation of his fellow gardeners crops. New Haven Land Trust is managed by elitist who serve themselves and not the diverse impoverish members struggling crime famine and violence in the surrounding area. Instead of a thank you received insults on methods of soil research crop production and reasonable suspicion of intentional sabotage of those crops. While attempting to use the garden as an agricultural instructional class for the youth of the family and friends when visiting. https://www.facebook.com/Grand-Acres-Community-Garden-of-New-Haven-Land-Trust-450155748521848/
  • 1-39 East Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights

    I doubt this is possible, but figure I might as well try. Is there any way to get a sign that says no left turn, when the Grand Avenue bridge gates go down, for traffic headed northbound on Quinnipiac Ave at the Grand intersection?

    What happens is that cars turning left on Grand sit clogging up Quinnipiac because traffic is backed up on Grand waiting for the bridge. The halts all northbound traffic regardless if you are turning or not onto Grand. If you just want to continue Northbound you are forced into opposing traffic to pass cars trying to turn left. Going south there is usually enough space to get by cars trying to turn right onto Grand. Northbound there is no room to get around left turning traffic.

    I have seen people get @#$% that a car is blocking the road trying to make a left, road raging, and shoot into opposing traffic not checking to see if anyone is coming. Seen a few close calls. It just leads to an unnecessarily dangerous situation.

  • Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    I witnessed a first Student school bus FLYING through a solid red light today. I couldn't tell if children were on board, as he was going too fast, but there were definitely 2 children present at the crosswalk, about to cross the street. Bus #731 traveling south/east on Grand Ave. at the intersection of Quinnipiac Ave., in New Haven, CT 06513 at 4:11pm on 2/15/12.
  • Front Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    2 dirtbikes, 1 ATV, going east from Middletown ave to Grand Ave on Front St usual swearing in and out against traffic, at 2:30 pm Saturday, 2/22/14.

    OK NHPD, we rallied to get a law passed in Hartford to increase your power to confiscate the bikes and ATVs, please don't let us down. All we want us a little peace and quiet.

  • 36 E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    The Grand Ave Bridge is a mess. There is litter, seaweed, fishguts, and broken bottles all over the bridge. The fishermen are making a mess and won't clean up after themselves. I'd love to see people be able to come and fish and I've seen some big catches that i'm sure they appreciate... but this has gone too far.
  • Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    Over 30 years and no improvements, the road is torn up from the end of the re-do near Grand Av. to Route 80 Foxen Blvd. No one is telling anything, what if anything is being done to finally re do this section of Quinnnipiac Av. It is a desecrate to the city to have let this go for so long. Where are the 2 alderpeople, where this is in their wards, to keep us updated what is happening if anything? I have waited over 35 years for the city to complete Hemingway St and Nothing has been done on this section of Quinnipiac Av. during that time. We would like to be updated, Thanks.
  • 666 Ferry St New Haven, CT, 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    There is a Homeless Camp that has been setup under the Bridge on the Corner of Ferry & Middletown Ave, if the city wouldn't allow a food truck there how is a homeless camp ok? this is too close for comfort to me and my small Grandbabies who are now Walking home from School thaks to BOE!!
  • 1-600 Lexington Ave new haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    With more snow on the way can we please get all of the cars that have not moved for weeks on the odd side of the road in the Heights ticketed and/or towed?

    Also who is in charge of making sure people shovel their sidewalks? This is a law correct? I'm still seeing people walking in the streets on major roads(Grand, Quinnipiac, Lexington) because sidewalks have not been shoveled.