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  • Jefferson St New Haven, CT - Wooster Square

    I think the sensor is busted. Anyone on Jefferson who is trying to turn onto Grand (a no turn on red intersection) has to wait over 15-20 minutes and evenutally breaks the law because the light never changes.


  • 66 Perkins Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    One of the speed humps on Perkins Street (between Grand and Pine Streets) was taken away. Cars speed down the street even with another speed hump there. When will this one be replaced?
  • 113 East Pearl Street New HAVEN, CT - Fair Haven
    The parking lot on Grand & E. Pearl is totally out of control looking like a major dump site. Please send people and a truck to clean up this mess as it looks disgusting and is a health hazard. One wonders who these people are that are really dumping on their neighbors and their neighborhood.
  • 873 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    City of New Haven wake up!

    It's time to clean up Grand Avenue in Wooster Square. Enough is enough! The neighborhood is tired of being ignored. The homes in this neighborhood are expensive and pay significant taxes. We deserve to have this "dump" of a street cleaned up.

  • 14 44 Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Earlier this week, Ferry St bridge closed during rush hour for some reason. There was an officer stationed on the closed bridge, doing nothing. Meanwhile, the traffic snarl that ensued on Grand Ave bridge was totally neglected as vehicles crowded and blocked the intersections. When any of the 3 bridges (Forbes Ave, Ferry St or Grand Ave) suffers an unexpected closing during rush hour, there is a serious traffic problem on the remaining main arteries. An officer directing traffic at key bottlenecks in these circumstances would help a lot. (And does anyone know who who engineered/chose the Forbes Ave drawbridge...one of the slowest I've seen...constantly creating huge bottlenecks on one of the main local connectors across the river? Horrible infrastructure selection. The much older Grand Ave bridge is faster.)
  • trash Archived
    Fair Haven New Haven, CT - Fair Haven

    Bus stop....and every street in Fair Haven...went for a walk this morning, The streets are filled with garbage, the stores along Ferry and Grand sidewalks are filthy....what is wrong with this city it is going down in front of our eyes and no one is doing anything. Make property owners and renters responsible...fine them if thats how we have to start.

    This is the bus stop on Grand and Clinton Ave

  • 160-166 Front Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Some guys camping out (taking care of hygiene needs) and then hanging out drinking beer at the corner of Front and Grand, the benches at the edge of the river run. I know, I should have a little more compassion (the shelter in fair haven are notoriously dangerous etc etc), but it's a very public space, kids and families all around, so those guys need to at least move their activities to a less public venue.
  • 1 Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    I left two messages today with the Engineering Dept concerning the partially open gate on the Grand Ave Bridge. Lets see how long it takes for this to be fixed. Hopefully it is before a child is seriously injured.
  • Corner Of Olive And Grand New Haven, CT - Wooster Square
    The sidewalk on the little traffic island at this intersection, just adjacent to the fire station, not only has not been shoveled, but seems actually to have been the site of massive snow dumping. The whole island is a giant, view-obstructing mountain of snow -- a danger to drivers making turns, and completely useless to pedestrians trying to cross Grand St., who now have to stand in the street while cars speed through puddles right in front of them. This intersection is already dangerous for pedestrians -- non-functioning ped signals, drivers regularly ignoring red lights etc. -- but now it's much much worse. Please, City, clear this important public space.
  • 86 Sherland Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    The pit bull that lives at 86 Sherland charged the stroller in which my two kids, ages four and two, were riding. I was taking them home from the Friends Center for Children when I turned the corner from East Grand onto Sherland. The dog was loping across the lawn on the corner lot, then, when it saw us, charged the stroller, barking and growling. I confronted the dog and it turned away when it was about ten feet from us. My daughter was terrified. This happened several times. The father of the family who owns the dog came out to help, but could not gain control of his pet. Then he tasked his five year old daughter to bait the animal back into its chain link enclosure ,with her mother, apparently, calling down instructions from the second floor window. I was a bit shocked by the lack of urgency.
    This is a serious issue. My own dog, a small breed, was attacked and nearly killed by a "friendly" pit bull while on his very own front steps. I was bitten a few months ago by another "friendly" pitty while strapping my 2 year old into his stroller at Lewis Street park. So i don't take chances with my little ones when these dogs are on the loose. I hope the police/animal control officer will pay this family a visit
  • 1425 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Quinnipiac
    Once again the 18 year old male that lives at 1425 Quinnipiac Ave Unit 301 was out of control. Police were called several times, once when he was fighting with his grandmother, once when he beat up his mother and on 5-26 when he had an unsupervised party with minors and a girl ran out. Witnesses saw two males slapping her in the face. She ran away sceraming that a part of her lower female anatomy was hurting, which might mean that she was sexually asssaulted. Police saw her on other street and she was uncooperative. Police did not go to 1425 Quinnipiac unit 301 to question anyone. There have been complaints about marijuana smoking at the same address and kids sitting on the cars of other tenants. What does one have to do to get this matter resolved? There is an audio of the event.
  • Front Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    What better way to say Merry X Mas to all your neighbors and friends than by getting together and roaring through the neighborhood on your dirt bikes and ATVs? Yup, 3:30 pm today, moving through Fair Haven along Front Street, from Grand Ave to Middletown. My wife says "doesn't it seem a bit futile?" when she sees my ClickFixing. There was progress on the dirtbikes/ATVs but now seems to be returning to the old chaos. Help!