Sherwood Park on Northside

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  • Potholes Archived
    1607 Brookland Pkwy Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    lots of deep potholes in alley. unable to walk/drive thru. please contact
  • Robinhood And Brookland richmond, va - Sherwood Park
    New Stop sign has made the intersection unsafe, Y road stop results in being unable to see oncoming traffic from Brookland Pk., The Y needs to be turned into grass and use the safe intersection which Tees into Brookland Park, Nearly impossible to see if a car is coming once come to a stop at intersection. Either return the Yield sign or remove the section of pavement so can see traffic.
  • Brook Rd Brookland Park Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
  • Other Archived
    3375-3399 N Boulevard Richmond, VA 23230, USA - Sherwood Park
    Banners on the Boulevard. Old Banners on the blvd; from NASCAR to the Redskins to the Pumpkin Fest...great for business & promotion on a major corridor.
  • tree brush Archived
    1604 Wentbridge Road Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
    resident is requesting tree brush to be picked up; located in alley next to trash cans ; thanks
  • 1324 Brookland Pkwy Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
  • Potholes Archived
    1223 Whitby Rd Richmond, Virginia - Sherwood Park
    Alley behind the home has several potholes...vehicles are going into this yard to avoid potholes...please repair
  • pothole Archived
    1810 Oakdale Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Rosedale
    pothole on westwood ave
  • Whitby Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
    Please fill potholes in alley between Whitby Rd & Brooklyn Parkway, Per James A. Jackson, Director
  • 3320 Chatham Rd Richmond, VA 23227, USA - Sherwood Park
    Brush in alley
  • 1807 Boulevard W Richmond, VA - The Diamond
    Approximately 8-10 streetlights out behind bus station On Blvd West.
  • 1324 Brookland Pkwy Richmond, VA - Sherwood Park
    Please pickup in alley