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  • Route 3 West Bound And Route 476 North - Havertown

    WB Rte 3 traffic can no longer make a right onto the secondary slip ramp onto 476 North, it was the only relief valve to the incredibly congested WB traffic getting onto the primary ramp, impossible to get in that far right lane to get on that first ramp when getting on west bound the pike from the left.

    The secondary slip ramp is a fantastic relief valve, poses no increased danger as only competing traffic for that ramp comes from east bound traffic turning on an infrequent green arrow. Its a silly new regulation.

  • 2112 W Chester Pike Broomall, PA 19008, USA - Havertown
    The traffic lights in the morning heading west on West Chester Pike at Lawrence Road, Ellis and further east are poorly timed, especially in the morning.
  • 1700-1742 Burmont Rd Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    This intersection is horrible. There needs to be a 3 way stop sign and not the confusing mess that is there now
  • Route 476 Southbound Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Havertown
    Third lane on right opens up going south on Blue Route as a lane to slow-moving vehicles to climb the long hill appraching O'Hara drive overpass just prior to Route 1 exit. The problem is that they drive at high rates of speed and are making the illegal move of passing on another car's right side. Also just annoying that they are cutting everyone else off when they merge back into the flwo of traffic.
  • Lawrence Road And West Chester Pike - Broomall

    UPDATE on problem: 11/11/12:
    The problem has not improved.

    The number of morning rush-hour drivers illegally staying in the left-turn only lanes on West Chester Pike at Lawrence Road and then suddenly switching across the solid white line into the right and left lanes of West Chester Pike in order to enter the northbound Blue Route entrance is a dangerous problem. Sometimes these drivers switch all the way from the left turning lane across all lanes of traffic to get onto the Blue Route going northbound right in the middle of the busy intersection there at the Blue Route entrance and Lawrence Road. Not only is this rude and inconsiderate, it causes danger for drivers in ALL lanes at this intersection, including those sitting and waiting to turn left onto Lawrence Road. These rule breakers think their convenience is more important than everyone else's physical safety, and you can see the results in the number of accidents that occur at this intersection. My car was totaled in the left-turn lane almost two years ago while I was sitting stopped in traffic because some idiot up ahead had come to a complete stop right in the middle of the left-turn only lane to try to switch over to the regular lanes. The person behind me rear-ended me because he didn't expect traffic to be stopped so far back in the turn lane. The solid white line that divides these two left turn lanes from the other lanes of West Chester Pike means that it is ILLEGAL to switch lanes there, people. Perhaps PennDOT needs to put up those yellow stick barriers between the two left turn lanes and the other West Chester Pike lanes leading up to this dangerous intersection in order to FORCE people to follow the rules of the road. Or if that can't be done, maybe they should raise the fines for doing this at this intersection and then enforce the rules by ticketing these dangerous drivers.

  • W Chester Pike Broomall, PA 19008, USA - Havertown
    Drivers that don't want to wait in line for the ramp they are supposed to use, are making a right turn on the ramp that East Bound drivers use to access Rt. 476. This should either be policed, or have an angled curb put in to make this rude and dangerous practice cease
  • Truck Lane Archived
    Interstate 476 Broomall, PA 19008, USA - Havertown
    Drivers who get frustrated with the traffic drive into the truck lane on the right, start to drive at a high rate of speed then cut off vehicles where the lane merges back with the center lane. These drivers even go as far as to double up in the lane after the merge.
  • 1-43 Lawrence Rd Broomall, PA 19008, USA - Broomall
    travelling on route 3 westbound, at the havertown/broomall border drivers constantly fly at high speed up the left-hand lane and force their way into the right hand lanes either to continue on route 3 or to take blue route ramps. these nutjobs are eventually going to hurt someone. they are not confused drivers. they are ignorant people who refuse to merge right at the appropriate time and would rather cause an accident than do the right thing. haverford township needs to take action.
  • 1798 Pennsylvania 3 Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    How many more kids have to spend a year in a wheelchair because people want to drive up the shoulder lane to make a right onto Glen Gary to cut through West Gate Hills as a cut through to get to Glendale? Its not a lane, we need to either make it a Right Turn lane and put in a sidewalk, or make it undriveable.
  • 100-198 Clamar Ave Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Unsupervised children run wild through the neighborhood. They are very vulgar and disrespectful to the elderly.
  • 102 Darby Road - Havertown
    I and obviously others have been trying to volunteer to help with the oil disaster on our coast. This is nearly impossible. Why? Should there not be a workable public facility to volunteer? We are directed to the Mississippi Volunteers agency that sends us to a web site, where we apply. Or think we do. All information is that BP is controlling the clean up. But what about the people that want to protect and defend their beaches and shores from the very people that in all probability caused the problem to manifest? I would not mind working with BP, but I do not want to work for them. There are all sorts of people who are calling to volunteer and being shelved for lack of direction. Can you find some for us?
  • Burmont Rd And Glendale Rd Drexel Hill, PA - Havertown
    This intersection in my opinion is a disaster because it gets to confusing. The problem to me is that you have one stop sign and a stop sign if your turning left coming from down glendale and the cars going straight done have to stop while the other vehicles have to wait and it just is completely eratic. It needs a light its crazy in the morning with the traffic. Please fix this and there have been several accidents there..