Havertown, PA

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  • 126-130 Overbrook Pkwy Lower Merion, PA 19096, USA - Penn Wynne

    If you're unlucky enough to be traveling on Overbrook Pkwy near the library and the the traffic light is red, plan to sit there until a car or truck comes along and drives into the wired box in the street surface for you.

    Otherwise, you'll never get through. The pickup requires a very large metal profile to change the light.

    I have a magnet kit on my bike that works with most intersections, but not this one!

  • Route 320 (Sproul Road) And Old Marple Road - Havertown
    This is a busy intersection with 2 lanes both ways. The North-bound lane of Route 320, Sproul Road, needs a left-turn traffic light onto Old Marple Road so people can make the turn. The traffic backs up on Sproul road and interferes with the traffic flow, especially at rush hour.
  • 7732-7798 W City Ave Penn Wynne, PA 19096, USA - Philadelphia Planning District West Park
    There has been a water leak coming from the ground on City Line Northbound , right lane in front of Ross dress for less store for at least 5 years. This has caused, over the years, numerous potholes, heaved and broken sidewalk and curb, icy spots in winter, many tire blowouts and lost hubcaps and accidents just to name a few. Sometimes the right lane gets so bad it is impassible.
    Right now there are at least 20 patched potholes. They will keep patching potholes but won't address the real issue and stop the water leak.
  • Old West Chester Pike And W Chester Pike Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    How long has this sign been there. It looks like a mini billboard, I look at it every night on my way home from work, look like trash - get it down...time's up!
  • 74 W Hillcrest Ave Havertown, PA 19083, USA at Grasslyn Ave - Havertown
    Two pipes constantly drain into roadway (Grasslyn Ave.) and flow entirely across road to "Stop" sign on the far side. This liquid freezes and makes it hard to stop and/or proceed thru intersection.
  • 235 Pilgrim Lane Drexel Hill, PA - Drexel Hill
    This mess has been going on to long and nothing has been done at this intersection for the drivers who want to get to 252.....this intersection is a disgrace.
  • 7732-7798 W City Ave Penn Wynne, PA 19096, USA - Havertown
    Near the Sears/Ross shopping plaza, in the right northbound lane of Township Line, there is a large and deep pothole that is dangerous. Drivers have to swerve around it to avoid it or risk causing an accident if they can't.
  • 300-320 Stump Ln Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    At the intersection of dill road and stump lane a stop sign or 3 should be put in. It seems to often people turn left off of dill onto stump as a car is turning onto stump from burmont rd and people come close to hitting each other. it is a T intersection with limited view and no stop signs in any direction.
  • Bailey Park Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Kids playing basketball in the park well after dark, most times until 10:30pm! Wouldn't be so bad if it were just kids shooting hoops, but they yell, scream, and curse at the top of their lungs. This goes on almost 7x a week. Please cut the power to the lights after dark, or restrict its use for league games only! Havertown Police need to enforce the law, and end the free for all.
  • 3073-3099 Darby Rd Ardmore, PA 19003, USA - Ardmore
    Every morning it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get from Darby and Eagle to Darby and Ardmore. Please make the light longer.
  • 2580 Haverford Rd Ardmore, PA 19003, USA - Ardmore
    when entering onto Haverford Rd from Loraine, the line of sight for oncoming trafffic (heading West ) is blocked by cars parked very closed to the corner (on the auto service lot)
  • Eagle Road And Darby Road Havertown, PA - Havertown
    I am really surprised that there are no accidents here, especially in the mornings. Trying to make a left from Darby to E. Eagle has always been problematic partially because you cannot see around cars sitting in the opposing turning lane due to the angles. Unless there is a break in the traffic coming towards us (which will happen after a few lights), the norm is to wait for the light to turn yellow and then red (there is generally a car coming through the yellow late) and then for two cars to turn left on red. There is a green arrow for the left turn coming towards us, so why can't one be added in the opposite direction?