Havertown, PA

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  • Interstate 476 & U.S. Highway 1 Marple, PA 19064, USA - Havertown
    This is not a complaint. Simply a thank you to the person who lost control of their car and destroyed the ramp meter from Route 1 to 476 north. You have helped traffic flow better and made the merge point much safer. 5 minutes are cut from my commute each morning. While Penndot insists that these meters are help traffic, it is you, I, and others who know they do nothing but make traffic worse. Thanks for destroying it. Hopefully it takes a few months for Penn Dot to install the replacement.
  • 1501-1599 Steel Rd Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Need to put pedestrian crossing here, cars travel well above posted 25mph speed limit.
  • Blue Route Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Havertown
    Many people pass illegally on the right using the Truck Lane. This is a safety issue and the police can ticket them.
  • 510 W Chester Pike Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    there are too many traffic lights between darby road and the monoa shopping center. they are not synced and are working 2 to 5 am in the morning. they cause traffic jams and waste gas because of the jammed traffic. also when a light is green, the next light id red. Havertown, fix this.
  • Singing Archived
    92-198 Treaty Rd Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Havertown
    guy thinks everyone wants to hear his horrible signing, broadcasts over a microphone with windows open
  • 1305 West Chester Pike The Shops at Manoa Center Shopping Center, Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    The left lane light into the Manoa Shopping Center is about 10 to 15 secs. causing drivers to try and make the turn on red or wait through 2 to 3 light changes
  • 2040 W Chester Pike Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Broomall
    There needs to be something to change the congestion to get onto 476 North from Rt 3 West during morning rush. It is ridiculous to have to wait in all that traffic just to continue straight on West Chester Pike. Something like making the rigth lane a 476 North lane only and the right of the two left turn lanes onto Lawrence road a straight lane onto West Chester Pike (just for the morning commute).
  • Blue Route Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Havertown
    There is a "truck lane" that opens up on the blue route near Springfield. The lane then ends, causing cars to merge, about a mile after it starts. People familiar with this area are aware, but those who are not are "surprised" at the abrupt ending of this lane and are forced to dangerously merge, especially if it is a tractor trailor. It does not make any sense. Not sure what could be done about it but it is confusing and dangerous as cars/trucks are forced to merge and are usually speeding to do so.
  • Walnut Hill Lane - Havertown
    Everyone coming off of Glendale Rd. uses Walnut Hill Lane to enter Westgate Hills. There are other streets to get into the neighborhood and people speed way too often.
  • 7732-7798 W City Ave Penn Wynne, PA 19096, USA - Philadelphia Planning District West Park
    There has been a water leak coming from the ground on City Line Northbound , right lane in front of Ross dress for less store for at least 5 years. This has caused, over the years, numerous potholes, heaved and broken sidewalk and curb, icy spots in winter, many tire blowouts and lost hubcaps and accidents just to name a few. Sometimes the right lane gets so bad it is impassible.
    Right now there are at least 20 patched potholes. They will keep patching potholes but won't address the real issue and stop the water leak.
  • Route 320 (Sproul Road) And Old Marple Road - Havertown
    This is a busy intersection with 2 lanes both ways. The North-bound lane of Route 320, Sproul Road, needs a left-turn traffic light onto Old Marple Road so people can make the turn. The traffic backs up on Sproul road and interferes with the traffic flow, especially at rush hour.
  • 126-130 Overbrook Pkwy Lower Merion, PA 19096, USA - Penn Wynne

    If you're unlucky enough to be traveling on Overbrook Pkwy near the library and the the traffic light is red, plan to sit there until a car or truck comes along and drives into the wired box in the street surface for you.

    Otherwise, you'll never get through. The pickup requires a very large metal profile to change the light.

    I have a magnet kit on my bike that works with most intersections, but not this one!