Havertown, PA

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  • 2098 West Chester Pike Broomall, Pennsylvania - Havertown
    Rocks are kicking up from this area and could damage peoples windshields.
  • Intersection Of Route 3 And 476 - Havertown
    This stretch of road has been unpaved now for weeks. No reason it should have to wait this long.
  • Broomall PA, USA - Broomall
    There have been two men for the past week with a sign that says they are traveling, broke and hungry. they are either at the off ramp for north bound or south bound exits of the Blue Route. With all the robberies and crime that have been going on in the area the last thing we need are vagrants.
  • 925-967 Old Marple Road Springfield, Pennsylvania - Havertown
    large potholes on side of road exiting to 320
  • Broomall Pa 19008 USA - Havertown
    Weekday morning rush hour is havoc here. Takes about a half hour to go three lights and get on 475 N. There needs to be another Lane to get on 476 N. Or correctly synced lights.
    The traffic backup makes this whole area a poor choice for people who need to take 476 N in the morning to work.
  • West Chester Pike Havertown, Pennsylvania - Havertown

    havertownmom 2 hours ago

    The moniker you chose with the avatar is awesome. I always love those that beat down fudge packers, bone chokers.
    Almost as good as when a black gets dragged behind a car.

    Must not be familiar with the golf view area of Havertown....Figures oppressed one.
    And yes my husband is Jamaican born in Kingston raised in Overbrook.
    He is ashamed of the so called "African Americans" and thinks they need to see what true prejudice and injustice merits.
    I have my undergrad degree from University of Pennsylvania and my MS from Bryn Mawr.
    Presently I am a stay at home mom because I do not need welfare assistance from the government
    like many of your friends and family I assume. Good night I have to go bleach my sons' skin some more.

    Havertownmom 5 hours ago

    My husband who is black detests those like yourself who always need to play the race card and act oppressed.
    Why not recognize those amongst your race who have failed.
    He at least makes no excuse for his father who is in jail and his two brothers who are homeless addicts.
    He came from the same community yet was able to put himself through college.
    Why don't you praise people like him instead of making continual excuses for the thugs in your community.
    I know the majority that share my skin tone condemn the Adam Lanza's and the Sandusky's in our neighborhoods..
    why not do the same for yours?

  • 2101-2119 West Chester Pike Havertown, Pennsylvania - Havertown
    Potholes consuming entire right lane, located on west chester pike, RT3 Westbound, just after the intersection of lawrence road. This makes it very difficult to make right turns or enter I476.
  • Steel Road And Olympic Avenue - Havertown
    Much off the traffic heading towards West Chester Pike goes right through the stop signs in a effort to "catch the green light" onto WCP. In FIVE years I have never seen a police unit monitor this street.
  • 1223 W Chester Pike Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    The light on route 3 just east of Sacred Heart school, is ridiculously too long. I have often stopped with 20 other cars in both directions for no reason at all. Perfect candidate for a pressure sensor.
  • Old Marple Rd Springfield, PA 19064, USA - Springfield
    The Friends meeting house has a beautiful stone wall that completely blocks the view of traffic coming from Rte 1 and they are moving too! They should hang a mirror so you can see around that corner.
  • 115 E Manoa Rd Haverford, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Mind as well put the portable "State Law- Yield to Pedestrian in Crosswalk" signs down after school is out, because not one car will stop. All cars ignore the people trying to cross Manoa at Allston when baseball and softball games are starting up.
  • Eagle Road Havertown, Pennsylvania - Havertown
    There are so many potholes on Eagle Road, Lawrence Road, Ardmore Avenue and Ellis Road that they are no longer potholes. They are now craters and will soon become craters. Are you waiting for someone to have an accident and kill themselves before you fix these roads??????? Its like an obstacle course trying to drive on these roads. Shame on you.