Havertown, PA

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  • 1230 Leedom Rd Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    There is a disregard for the stop sign at the corner of Leedom Road and Belfied Avenue. Most people do not even slow down. Also, there is no stop sign for cars entering Belfield from Leedom. Since most cars on Belfield do not stop, this is an accident waiting to happen
  • 717 Martens Lane Springfield, PA - Springfield
    This house has been vacant since it caught fire in March 2003. On top of being a complete eyesore, there have also been problems with rodents. The township doesn't seem to care since she still pays her taxes (practically nothing because of the damage) and she comes by to mow the lawn. She collected the insurance money and did god knows what with it but it surely didnt go into rebuilding her property. The residents on this strret keep their homes lovely and this is bringing their value down. Within the past year she did put the property up for sale........$200,000! At this point it will be a complete tear down & rebuild and in this economy good luck getting that asking price! I wish the township would finally step in and do something about this matter.
  • 5250-5298 Reservation Rd Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Drexel Hill
    The street lights on this block continue to go out or go dim. One of the lights it has been known for 10 years has a short. The township passes the buck to PECO. PECO tags the pole and doesn't return for months at a time. This is a major safety issue given the large polpulation of foxes, skunks and other varmints germane to this wooded area. It is also a well traveled cut through street with many cars parked at the curb.
  • 525 Lawrence Road - Havertown
    525 Lawrence Road Havertown Has overgrown weeds in rear yard and it is growing like a Jungle. Needs to be cleaned up and also dog fesses needs to be cleaned up.
  • Karakung And Mill Rds Havertown, PA 19083 - Havertown
    A siren happy cop loves to drive up and down Karakung Road and Mill Road . He must live on the lower end Mill Road because that is where the noise seems to center. And the same cop must live on the lower end of Mill Road, because the no parking signs from lower Mill were removed . It is a very narrow,curvy road.
  • No Power Archived
    400-498 Rittenhouse Cir Havertown, PA - Havertown
  • Eagle And Darby Roads Havertown, PA - Havertown
    At approximately 7:15 am on November 30, a school bus ran the red light and went through the intersection. I was edging into the intersection with my turn signal on.
  • 10-16 Fairhaven Rd Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Street has not been plowed, or should be plowed again
  • 1700-1742 Burmont Road Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    no stop for right turn keeps the traffic moving. however, those that are not familiar with the road, and coming from burmont rd (drexel hill side) are unaware that the glendale road right turners don't stop!
  • Hathaway Lane Havertown, Pennsylvania - Havertown
    2 of the 3 green lights at the intersection of Hathaway and Haverford Road are out. Its been weeks.
  • 2098 West Chester Pike Broomall, PA 19008, USA - Broomall
    Plenty of potholes heading north on Route 3 along the stretch from Lawrence Rd to New Ardmore Ave.
  • 112 Stanton Road Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Missing no u turn sign on west Chester pike route 3 west bound at stanton rd