Havertown, PA

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2013-03-13

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  • Eagle And Manoa Roads Havertown, PA - Havertown
    There is only one entrance out of Manoa Elementary School. Left turns should be prohibited on to Eagle Road. Someone dove in front of my vehicle attempting to make a left (I guess he felt he needed to because I had let someone else out) and then had nerve enough to act nasty because HE held up traffic. There is going to be an accident there.
  • Lawrence Rd - Havertown
    There are people speeding on Lawrence rd. all day long. This is especially true in the evenings headed towards Westchester Pike near Ellis Rd.
  • West Rolling Road 19064 - Springfield
    There is excessive speeding up the hill on west rolling road in the mornings. There are bus-stops close by and people dont care
  • 201 James Drive; Havertown PA 19083 - Havertown
    Stop Sign request at corner of Dill and James. This should be a 4 way stop intersection. Many people speed through this area and use Dill as a cut-through street. There are many kids that play near Dill.
  • 2101 W Chester Pike Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    Traffic can not turn onto rt3 due to traffic being backed at the next intersection, Blue rt ect.
  • 1900-1998 Robinson Ave Havertown, PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    It is very dangerous for residents who are turning off of Robinson Road onto West Chetser Pike here. A 3rd lane (on right) begins just after Robinson and everyong come from 69th street direction decides to fly up the side where there is no lane and run the risk of hitting someone turning off of Robinson. The driving is extremely aggressive and traffic is ridiculous. There is an accident weekly here if not daily.
  • Havertown PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    many potholes on west chester pike
  • 2200 Steele Rd Drexel Hill, PA 19026, USA - Havertown
    I would like to see a stop sign at the corner of Signal Rd and Steel Rd. When a car is parked on the northeast side it is imposible to see oncoming traffic
  • Havertown PA 19083, USA - Havertown
    severe pot holesbetween lawrence road and darby road along golf course
  • 30-56 Marple Road Haverford, PA 19041, USA - Havertown
    Marple road is a horrible. It has needed to be paved since last year. The patch job that was done on that road
    doesn't cut it. The patches are almost worse then the road.
  • Darby Rd Havertown, PA - Havertown
    Large pothole on the right hand lane of West-bound Darby Rd near the Blue Route
  • 971-1199 North Eagle Road Havertown, Pennsylvania - Havertown
    Lots of potholes all up and down the street - both sides of the street