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  • Elk Lane West Chester, PA - US Congressional District PA7
    No one obeys the speed limit on road with two schools. Needs some stop signs or speed humps.
  • Springhouse Lane And Glen Riddle Road - US Congressional District PA7
    People speed down Glen Riddle Road making turning onto or from the intersection of Springhouse Lane very dangerous.
  • E Street Road And S Chester Road West Chester, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    It is very difficult to make a left turn when you travel East on E Street Road (926) and want to make a Left onto Middletown Road (352N) due to the absence of a Left Arrow.
    Is it possible to install one?
  • Middletown PA, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    The traffic light at Elwyn Rd and 352 is needs to be fixed!!!! The lights are not working properly. It goes from green to Red!!! No Yellow. (I guess this is a money maker for DELCO!)
  • theft Open
    Sleigh Ride Rd And Willits Way - US Congressional District PA7
    Small loud pick up truck, with young white male .Stealing any gift cards or cash left under trash can lids. 11:30-12:30 on thursday nite. Went through the whole neighborhood. State police never responded to incident. Karma buddy
  • 3800-3882 Providence Road Newtown Square, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA7
    It is on the southbound side of the road going away from Route 3/West Chester Pike. It left my car with a bent rim.
  • Chelsea Rd Boothwyn, PA, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    During normal to heavy rains, approx. a 50 foot section of this road floods.
  • 150turner Road Nether Providence Township, PA - Nether Providence Township
    So there have been about 5 accidents in the last few months on this short stretch of road. There is no shoulder, no guardrail, pedestrian traffic, commuter parking by the station, etc combined with a high speed limit. On top of that with any weather condition it because slick and people drive too fast. Better signage and possibly a lower speed limit (25) seems to make sense.
  • Many potholes on Baltimore Pike North between 322 and Cheney Road; it's like driving in an obsyacle course.
  • TRASH Open



  • Upper Providence Township PA, USA - Upper Providence Township
    west bound and east bound stretch from providence grill to entrance exit of route one both sides are inescapeable