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  • 1067 W Baltimore Pike Media, PA 19063, USA - Lima
    Left hand turn out of Granite Run Mall onto Baltimore Pike could be made safer with a green left turn signal. Currently, the signal is a general green which creates some confusion. Vehicles turning left sometimes need to stop suddenly in the middle of intersection to yield to oncoming traffic that is coming straight across from Riddle Hospital.
  • 1724-1728 W Chester Pike West Chester, PA 19382, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    The turn signals at this intersection need to be reconsidered. Motorists heading west on Rt 3 should have a left turn signal, while motorists heading east should NOT get an immediate right turn signal It's a DANGEROUS intersection where a misplaced turn signal prevents the intersection from clearing properly.
  • Upper Providence Township, PA - Upper Providence Township
    Needs to be fixed.
  • Johnny'S Way And Route 352 - US Congressional District PA7
    Heavy traffic traveling 352 North and South at speeds exceeding posted 45mph makes it difficult and very dangerous to enter 352 from Johnny's Way. A stop light is needed at this intersect to manage heavy, high speed traffic
  • Baltimore Pk & Providence Rd Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    The timing on the new lights at this intersection and all along Baltimore Pk. towards Swarthmore is awful. HUGE backups at rush hour on Providence Rd. every day. I drive this route every day (well, I used to--now I have to detour around it), and there were never any big backups like this before. The left turn arrow from north Providence to Baltimore eastbound used to let about 6 cars through, now you're lucky if 2 cars are able to turn left. Please change the timers!
  • 551-1249 Gradyville Rd Glen Mills, PA 19342, USA - US Congressional District PA7
  • Rt 1 And The Media By-Pass - US Congressional District PA7
    I am fed up with people not paying attention and waiting to merge at the end of media by pass at Rt1, Easy fix! paint merging arrows where the 1st LEFT LANE ENDS sign is. Major road rage!! Please!
  • 200-298 W Baltimore Ave Media, PA 19063, USA - Media
    New traffic lights need to be timed better or censors installed. traffic on Baltimore Pike both directions stopped at lights and NO cross traffic. Particularly at Jackson
  • 2-98 Meadow Ln Nether Providence Township, PA 19086, USA - Nether Providence Township
    About 2 years ago a car hit the telephone pole on the southwest corner of Providence Road and E Rose Valley/Meadow Lane. Its height has been cut down, but its still cracked at the bottom and looks like a SERIOUS potential disaster. It looks like its going to fall at any second into oncoming traffic!!
  • 1000-1098 Pennsylvania 261 Concord, PA 19060, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    At the intersections of Concord, Foulk and Valleyview - all the stop signs! During rush hour it's almost a game of It, trying to determine who has the right of way.
  • Just drive North on RT. 1 (Media By-pass) and pass under RT.252 in the right lane and people will just merge without signaling or yielding the right of way. They probably need to be taught what the yield sign means.
  • 764 Baltimore Pike Glen Mills, PA 19342, USA - US Congressional District PA7
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