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  • 707 Liberty St Dallas, TX 75204, USA - Northeast Dallas
    700 block of Libery between Bryan and Live Oak. Needs to be paved. Street in bad condition. Lots of utility work and is very uneven. City of Dallas says it was to be repaired with 2006 bond funds but no progress. Recent patch up of water utilities work completed only after calls to the city .
  • 3347 Mc Millan Ave Dallas, TX 75206 - m Streets

    The Bulk Trash pickup has not happened for 2 months in the M Streets, Greenland Hills, neighborhood.

    There is still debris and tree branches piled up everywhere from the storm that hit over a month ago.

    This week was our bulk trash week for this month, but once again no one came.

    Please send the bulk trash collectors ASAP. There is trash everywhere.

  • 7409 W Northwest Hwy Dallas, TX 75225, USA - North Dallas
    Northwest Hwy is a hot tranny mess. It has more pot holes than any other street I've seen.
  • 6300 Belmont Ave. Dallas TX 75214 - Northeast Dallas

    unlike all the other streets that cross Alderson -- Belmont stops for the smaller Alderson -- this confuses people who often blow through the stop sign... i suggest this be made a 4 way stop... since i assume the reason Belmont is different from other streets is to slow down traffic on Belmont. I live near by and hear several near wrecks a week.

    Another near miss happned just last night! It is a simple fix. just do a 4 way stop.

  • 10599 U.S. 77 Dallas, TX 75220, USA - Preston Hollow
    Potholes are everywhere along 35 North and 35 South in between the Loop 12 merger and 635. They are very hazardous and there are no safe zones to avoid them.
  • 4207 Lemmon Ave Dallas, TX 75219, USA - Oak Lawn
    3-4 Horrendous pot holes in the left lane of Lemmon at Wycliff. They keep deepening with the rain.
  • 1548 W Brooklyn Ave Dallas, TX 75208 - Oak Cliff
    North end of alley is covered in graffiti.
  • 821 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75208 - Oak Cliff
    thick paint overspray you can smell and see flowing into residential area behind body shops almost everyday 6-9 pm
  • 1451 Conner Dr Dallas, TX - Southeast Dallas
    there is a residential hotel allowed to be here in my neighborhood and the city hasn't done anything about it. There have been numerous complaints.
  • 7348 Rockhurst Drive Dallas, TX 75214 - Northeast Dallas
    There seems to be no issue on the times when people can put out their large trash items anymore. People put stuff out weeks in advance of pick up and then it blows around everywhere. People should get cited for putting it out any earlier than the allowed time of Thursday of the weekend before beginning trash pickup
  • 401-499 S Field St Dallas, TX 75202, USA - Government District
    The sidewalk running north/south from Field & Wood to Field & Young is very dangerous: uneven, potholes, and holes. Not a good representation for guests of the convention center. -- I have moved from downtown and can no longer update this area. As of 3-10-11, no work has been done; very dangerous situation.
  • 5415 Richard Ave Dallas, TX 75206 - m Streets
    There is a streetlight out on the south side of Richard.