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  • 6190 Forest Park Rd Dallas, TX 75235 - Love Field Area
    almost all of the street lights from Mockingbird to Inwood are out making this a very dark street
  • Potholes Archived
    14119 Montfort Dr Dallas, TX 75254, USA - Far North
    An odd newly formed pothole has formed heading Northbound on Montfort Dr with concrete from the hole all over the road.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    3125 Wycliff Ave Dallas, TX 75219 - Oak Lawn
    Wycliff from the Tollroad to Preston
  • 11824-11850 Shiloh Rd Dallas, TX 75228, USA - Northeast Dallas
    By fixing the railroad problem they made it worse for cars to go pass it. The crossing now has a huge slope which make drivers to fully stop before getting over or else our windshields gets cracked.
  • 2055 N Haskell Ave Dallas, TX 75204 - m Streets
    Haskell from Lemon to Ross is filled with pot holes and uneven lanes. It is in serious need of resurfacing
  • 260 N Shore Dr Dallas, TX 75216 - Cedar Crest
    The original dam for Beckley Club Estates had a hole blown in it in the forties to drain due to a drowning and sewage. With the amount of construction next to this waterway in 2009 this @#$% needs to be completely destroyed dismantled to allow the free flow of water during high water/flooding. I have reported this to City of Dallas Engineers and the Army Corpws and nothing has ever happened. They all say oh yes it needs to be dismantled but the safety of citizenry is not inportant. "Look at the levees for heavens sake"
  • school zone Archived
    8240 Meadow Rd Dallas, TX 75231, USA - Lake Highlands
    New sidewalk improvements and added trees hide the school zone sign for speed reduction and flashing light causing hazard for school children in this area.
  • Michael Davis Archived
    13307 Noel Rd Dallas, TX 75240 - Far North
    road surface has buckled and is now a traffic hazard. it's a huge bump now that keeps getting bigger.
  • 7926 Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75214 - Northeast Dallas
    The street lights are out on the Mockingbird Lane bridge that crosses White Rock Lake.
  • 6100-6400 Oram Street dallas tx behind 6100-6400 La Vista Dallas TX 75214 - m Streets
    Street lights are out in the alley - can you please have city fix? Thank you
  • 1632 Daywood Iring TX Dallas, TX 75212 - Eagle Ford
    Street light out intersection Daywood and Brookhaven
  • I travel on 635 WB between 75 & 35. The line markers on the road are not visible when it is dark and raining. Seems the lines disappear when the road is wet at night. There are no reflectors spaced out to help with the visibility as well.
    Seems there might be fewer accidents if people could tell what lane they are supposed to be in.