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  • Michael Davis Archived
    13307 Noel Rd Dallas, TX 75240 - Far North
    road surface has buckled and is now a traffic hazard. it's a huge bump now that keeps getting bigger.
  • 2055 N Haskell Ave Dallas, TX 75204 - m Streets
    Haskell from Lemon to Ross is filled with pot holes and uneven lanes. It is in serious need of resurfacing
  • 6190 Forest Park Rd Dallas, TX 75235 - Love Field Area
    almost all of the street lights from Mockingbird to Inwood are out making this a very dark street
  • 8301-8499 N Central Expy Dallas, TX 75206, USA - m Streets
    The stoplights going East on Lovers over 75 N Central Expy are not timed correctly! There are 3 stoplights to go through, and the furthest west stoplight is Red when the furthest east stoplight is Green. So all the traffic on Lovers goes across Greenville and gets stopped in the middle of the intersection. Once the Greenville stoplight becomes red, finally the furthest west stoplight turns green. It is incredibly dangerous and needs to be fixed! Without fail, every time I go through the stoplight me and about four other cars behind me are trapped in the middle of the intersection of Greenville and Lovers, trying to get across 75 because the furthest west stoplight is not timed correctly.
  • 7926 Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75214 - Northeast Dallas
    The street lights are out on the Mockingbird Lane bridge that crosses White Rock Lake.
  • 730-798 Kirnwood Dr Dallas, TX 75232, USA - Wolf Creek
    There are not only potholes..the road is nearly untravlable due to how the road conditions are. Mostly due to just patching the roads. And the busses............
  • 11824-11850 Shiloh Rd Dallas, TX 75228, USA - Northeast Dallas
    By fixing the railroad problem they made it worse for cars to go pass it. The crossing now has a huge slope which make drivers to fully stop before getting over or else our windshields gets cracked.
  • 1632 Daywood Iring TX Dallas, TX 75212 - Eagle Ford
    Street light out intersection Daywood and Brookhaven
  • 6867 Gaston Ave Dallas, TX 75214, USA - Northeast Dallas
    The stretch of Gaston between Garland Rd and Cambria (going west) is awful. The right lane has been needing repaving for at least a year. Now there are more potholes and it's in both lanes. Terrible to drive on every day.
  • 3023 Main St Dallas, TX 75226 - Northeast Dallas
    several huge limbs have fallen off this tree recently and only two limbs left to break and fall on someone or their car!
  • 959-999 U.S. 67 Dallas, TX 75203, USA - Cedar Crest
    Highway 35E South is in terrible shape from the southbound tollway entrance ramp and continuing all the way to I20. More than half of the street lights do not work and what little striping is left can not be seen, This is especially dangerous on early morning commutes when it is raining. You have to guess if you are in a lane or if you are half over in another lane. This condition has been reported to TXDOT at least twice in the last two years wtih no action.
  • No Sidewalk Archived
    S St Augustine Rd Teagarden Road Dallas, TX 75217 - Southeast Dallas
    I understand this is in a far part of Dallas, but come on people there is a neighborhood nearby and there needs to be a sidewalk instead of just a side with rocks.