Ridge to Oberlin

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Ridge to Oberlin

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  • 2100 Ridge Road Raleigh, NC - Glenwood

    My daughter walks to and from Lacy Elementary every day in her wheelchair from our house at 2100 Ridge Road. She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, also known as Brittle Bones, which means her bones break very easily. There are several places along that walk (on the southern or even numbered side of Ridge) where the earth on one or both of the sidewalk edges is dangerously low and could cause her wheelchair to tip over if her wheel goes off the edge. This is a potentially fatal hazard for her. She is in first grade and will be using this sidewalk for the next 8 years (through middle school). I would love to get some help to fix the areas that are hazardous. Would it be possible to meet with someone to look at this with me? If not, I have written down the addresses of most of the areas. The area of most concern is from the intersection of Lake Boone Trail and Ridge to 1900 Ridge. This section of sidewalk is narrower due to the bushes on the southern side encroaching on the sidewalk and then a 2" plus drop off on the other side. We had a scary close call there this week, which finally motivated me to write to you.

    The other areas that I have noted were at 1908 Ridge, 1920 Ridge, 1924 Ridge, and 2000 Ridge.

    Could you please look at the curb access on both sides of Lake Boone trail? As we cross and get on and off the curb you have to go down towards the line of traffic due to the angle of the curb cuts.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need further information or guidance. Thank yo uso much for helping us with this.

    Sarah and Jim Sullivan
    2100 Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

  • 2709 Peachtree Street raleigh/wake, NC - Wade
    we have a very dangerous intersection issue caused by two different factors. #1 is the weird traffic pattern that has 4 road entries feed into one intersection. Peachtree st, Gordon st, and Ashland st. don't actually meet at one point, there are several intersections within this intersection. Also because of the homes/trees at each intersection, you can't see cars coming from any much less all entries. Drivers aren't able to see pedestrians or cars coming or crossing any of those streets. And Peachtree is a 90 degree turn that is even more hidden.
    The second issue is that the entire neighborhood has cars trying to avoid Daniels middle school. Instead they use Peachtree as a cutthrough, driving around and down Peachtree at high speeds.
    Trying to exit a driveway at 8am is all but throwing dice not to be hit. All of this becomes a perfect storm because the way Gordon, Peachtree and Ashland meet. Please review the traffic pattern, adding signs/signal, Or consider making a dead end at Peachtree to stop thru traffic and avoid the "four-points" intersection issue. change something, anything....
  • 2619-2627 Ashland Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Wade

    This dangerous intersection has been reported here at least twice in the past. Now major construction has begun on a piece of land that adjoins the intersection. Trucks are parked on the street, reducing visibility even further.

    But more importantly: When the condo construction is completed, will the driveway for the new residences empty onto Ashland Street in the exact location where we already have the serious issues with visibility, driver speed, etc. that have previously been discussed here? If so, and no new signs, flashing lights etc. are added, the intersection will become even more dangerous.

    Can someone in the appropriate city department please check the construction plan (and more specifically the entrance/exit/parking plan) for the new residences, and see if we are indeed going to be dumping more traffic onto this already-hazardous section of road? And if so, can someone please develop a plan to help reduce the likelihood of an accident? Thanks in advance for checking into this.

  • Potholes Archived
    2670-2698 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27608, USA - Glenwood
    2615 glenwood ave: pothole at Day Insurance. Corner of Glenwood ave & Lake Boone Trail.
  • 3001-3009 Farrior Road Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Glenwood
    There is a group of kids that skateboard here almost every weekend. We have called the cops multiple times and there is apparently nothing to be done. We fear these kids, while they wear helmets are flying down this hill with limited vision of the giant SUVs that fly down Nottingham Rd., some of them coming from the local watering hole not to mention those on cell phones. These kids have had more than one close call and I can't believe they keep coming back. They are currently doing this in dusk/dark without reflectors. Additionally, the kids use curse words and homophobic language which does not promote a pleasant place to live. Can someone assist? Do we need a sign or speed bumps?
  • 3071 Medlin Dr Raleigh, NC - Glenwood

    This property, among other things, is a complete dump. Here are a list of the issues.
    -Parking lot has no lines (It looks like they were spray painted by hand at one point)
    -Parking lot has pot holes everywhere.
    -Exterior of the building is dirty and unmaintained.
    -Signage on the building is old and unmaintained.
    -Parking lot is full of debris/trash/broken beer bottles
    -Overall visual appearance looks rundown, dirty, and completely unmaintained.

    The Notorious Underage Drinking Establishment, known as Crowley's.
    -This bar has numorious violations for underage drinking. As recent as this past Wednesday. Reportedly 20+ underage drinkers were caught inside by ALE Agents.
    -Their late night clientele races down Medlin drive and through My Neighborhood well above the posted 25 MPH posted speed limit
    -Late night you can smell the drug usage coming from their back patio area. (we have friends that live feet away)
    -Although the late night noise of their crowd has been contained...Slightly The real problem is that the City continues to allow this notorious underage drinking establishment to exsist. Now don't get me wrong. I went to college and yes I drank underage in bars. But the bar wasn't in a family neighborhood and feet from Million dollar homes. The families in this neighborhood do not deserve to have this in their backyard. The ugly and unmaintained building brings down our property value. As for the bar, well college kids need to stay on the college campus for their late night partying.

  • 1401-1499 Banbury Road Raleigh, NC - Wade
    Spring Fever is in the air. Along with the pollen, we have more off-road activity on the greenway. This is such a regular occurrence, shouldn't there be a solution that doesn't involve repairing and re-seeding so often? Or, should the City just give up on fixing these areas and let the vandals take over? Unless the residents in these areas can get tag numbers and descriptions, there's very little chance of catching the culprits.
  • 2601 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27608, USA - Wade

    I try to walk home from downtown to my home near Glenwood and Pasquotank three days a week and take the bus to work. I have to have my husband pick me up at the Harris Teeter because there are no sidewalks on Glenwood. Any plans to add sidewalks on Glenwood from women's Club Drive to Oberlin so neighbors can walk to the Harris Teeter and other shops and restaurants in Glenwood Village? Any plans for covered bus stops?

    Thank you !

  • Permit status Archived
    3050 Medlin Drive Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Glenwood
    This issue has been addressed several times and absolutely NO work has been done. It is so unsightly and nothing has been done since the first report.
  • Potholes Archived
    3299 Lake Boone Trail Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Glenwood
    It has been over a month since Ridge Road began a resurfacing program and approx 3 weeks since a contractor has done any work on this section. Today is the day the signs say the work will be complete and the entire length of road is still in the patching phase with no sign of a roadway crew and finish product. Can this get fixed? Soon? I would guess that this is one of the most used cycling routes in the city and it is unbearable and unsafe to ride on. It is also a much louder surface for the residence when cars drive by.
  • Farrior And Nottingham Road Raleigh, NC - Glenwood
    Looks like chicken wire and boards, also looks as if the road has been spray painted white.
  • 924 Lake Boone Trail Raleigh, NC 27607, USA - Glenwood
    The sensor for the stop light on north bound Dixie Trail is not working properly. The sensor used to change the light in favor of traffic on Dixie trail, but now cars will have a wait at the intersection for several minutes before the light turns green. Many cars often run the red light when it is early in the morning or late at night due to low traffic.