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  • 1049 Central Ave St Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    The Amsterdam had loud music again last night, that continued until Midnight...on a Monday! Calling police doesn't do much.
  • 146 18th Ave. Ne Saint Petersburg, Fl 33704 - Historic Old Northeast

    After several complaints 146 18th Ave NE is still operating as an AirBnB. It is currently being rented and continues to be listed online,

    How many complaints will it take to stop this?

  • Traffic Issue Archived
    9th St N And 17th Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    The cross walk painted on 9th St N near 17th Ave N is used frequently by people going to/from Crescent Lake. However, the street marking and signage are so hard to see that many drivers speed past while people are waiting to cross. It is very dangerous for pedestrians, especially the many children in the surrounding neighborhoods. In this location - where drivers don't stop at the area designated as the safest place to cross - the cross walk only provides a false sense of security. Is it possible to repaint the cross walk, making it more obvious to drivers, and to place better signage on the side of the road? Ideally, the best option would be to install a median (similar to that on 4th St N near 20th Ave N) that made the pedestrian crossing more obvious. Thank you for your attention to this matter!
  • 7121 9th Ave N St. Petersburg Fl 33710 Saint Petersburg Florida - Azalea Homes Community Association

    I would like to invite you to witness the sheer number of cars that are excessively speeding on 9th Ave N, west of 66th st. It seems as if most of these drivers use it as a quick connector from Park St., without realizing that the speed limit actually tapers down to 25-30mph to quell speeders travelling through, as 9th ave transitions to residential.

    This may be significantly problematic, because of the presence of the Pinellas Trail. I have seen a couple of dangerous occurrences happen right before my eyes. I saw two teen-aged males, who weren't prudent enough to walk thier bikes across the crosswalk, almost get clipped by a car. SPC is nearby and I see other students crossing here as well.

    The cars that stop when the crosswalk strobe is activated also seem to be sitting ducks for possible accidents. Working from my home office, I have seen (and heard the screechng of) at least two occasions where an abiding car would stop so someone could cross the trail, only to be nearly rear-ended by the car behind them. The tire skid marks should still be there to serve as ample evidence of this.

    There is signage forewarning drivers of the upcoming crosswalk, as well as posted speed limit signs. However, I think that this segment of 9th as well as 5th ave where the trail crosses, would highly benefit from digital radar-equipped speed limit signs to make it obvious for drivers to slow down, before someone gets seriously injured. It's just too easy for drivers to assume that this stretch of 9th is 40-45mph like the rest of the avenue crossing the city.

  • 550 9th Ave South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Roser Park Neighborhood Association
    Between 4th & 6th St S, There is an alarming number of people (10 - 15 vehicles a day) going the wrong way on the one way 9th Ave S. This is a major safety issue as people coming around the corner simply cannot see the wrong way cars and I see near accidents all the time on this road. Just a matter of time before something tragic happens.
  • 1547 34th Ave N St Petersburg, Florida - Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association
    Not interested in the $2,500,000+/yr con job that I'm forced to take part in. It doesn't cost this much to remove commodities.
  • Other Archived
    This is what I had to walk past going thru the park where children are playing. C'mon St Pete, fix this problem.
  • Other Archived
    2047 2nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    People living in filthy conditions in garage with smell of feces coming from it. Cats are infested within the garage including kittens and stray's. Tents set up in the back yard and animal feces surrounding fence and alley way. Not sure of who is living there, but neighbors do not want to park or go in the alley way. This is a public nuisance when they open the garage door, feed the stray cats, and we are unsure of who is in there?
  • 1550 25th St N Saint Petersburg, Florida - North Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    several cars need to go. House is a wreck. Rotted wood,outdoor storage
  • 4638 - 4th Ave N. St. Petersburg, Florida - Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
    Aside from basic code violations as overgrown yard, there is a dead tree in the yard, junk on the non-alley side of the house. This has been a chonic problem for YEARS with this house and the city has usually solved it in the past years. BUT this year, a problem was first reported in JUNE 2014, a notice of a court appearence was issued in late AUG 2014 and here we are in OCT and Nothing has been done. I AM not a city manager, councilmember or city employee, we are just your average taxpayers wondering why nothing has been done. I have enclosed pictures: you will notice SOME OF THE WEEDS ARE AS HIGH AS THE 4 FOOT FENCE. Can we expect something to be done before Thanksgiving? 6 months should be enough time. Send a crew out to clean up the mess and bill the homeowner. [ sadly i can only upload one image which only begins to illustrate the multiple code violations] Please help
  • Other Archived
    City Hall Saint Petersburg, Florida - Downtown Neighborhood Association
    This is for the Mayor. When people use See Click Fix they are reporting issues they care about. As I understand the city purchased this App to make it easier to report issues and the city was interested in input from citizens/tax payers/your employers. Well when an issue is reported and nothing happens other then a notice stating "Complaint forwarded to Parks & Recreation Maintenance Staff." or something similar it sounds good, but when NOTHING happens and no actual real feedback is given to report back on the issue, one becomes a bit discouraged. If the city really wants and cares about people comments then you need to take them seriously. You need to have someone accountable for the reported issue and someone needs to actually hold those people accountable to address the comment/complaint and give that individual a report back. The police have started to do this well with the texting app. Why can't the city do this with SeeClickFix? Do you really care? It appears not, but please show us, the tax payers that is not the case. This can be a great platform (if the software were to function better) to help the city, but you can't just ask the citizens to do our part when the city is not doing theirs. I have reported the lights on during the day at Millennium Youth Playground many times. Please have someone actually do something. That something does not have to actually fix the problem, but don't just forward the issue on. Have someone by name state it will be fix, it is not approirity, or whatever the case may be. Then quarterly or yearly audit some of these issues/complaint and see how people are performing. Are they giving a response? Are they fixing problems. PLEASE make someone accountable. More than stating the issue was forwarded on is needed. Will this complaint just be erased by someone in city government that does not want to have to be held accountable? This is not too much to ask. Please, step up and make this program better. Thanks.
  • 5720 2nd Ave N St. Petersburg, Florida - Live Oak Neighborhood Association
    Major construction underway on home. Wall ripped down. Wood, board, doors and construction debris piled up in yard for several weeks. Causing a potential for drawing rodents and snakes. No permits posted.