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Make accessory before and after the fact to 2nd and 3rd degree trespass (by giving aid and support to trespassers) by groups like 'Church-in-the-woods' illegal

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  • Bike Rack Archived
    227 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    There needs to be a bike rack at the entrance to Moore Square Parking Deck. Some type of rack that could hold dozens would be awesome, as there are bikes hitched to every pole and staircase in the area. Thank you.
  • 1020-1076 West Peace Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough

    The bike lanes on Peace Street and also on Clark Avenue are too narrow. These lanes are as narrow as 38" in some places, which is considered substandard by any bicycle facility guidance. In other places, the lanes are closer to but still less than 48".

    AASHTO states that on extremely constrained, low volume roadways with curbs but no gutter, where the preferred bike lane witdthcannot be achived despite narrowing all other travel lanes to their minimum widths, a 4 foot bike lane can be used (AASHTO Guide to Bicycle Facilities, 2011).

    More should be done to accommodate bicyclists on Peace and Clark, especially with increased density coming to the area. With the depressions due to the storm drains and motor vehicle volumes, bike lanes of at least 5 ft should be considered on this roadway.

    Additionally, there is a poor transition between the bike lanes on Clark Ave and Peace St -- where the bicycle lane hugs the curb but doesn't align with

  • 493-505 Chapanoke Road Raleigh, NC - Southwest
    Chapanoke Rd is a main road that leads into Renaissance Park Neighborhood where there are many people that walk up and down the road. This road has no break in it and people tend to travel at very high speeds during busy times of 7:30am to 9am - 4:45pm-7PM MTWTF and then it is a little less regimented on the weekends. However, someone is going to get hurt. There are small children that play in that neighborhood and active residence that are put at risk. This Road needs a stop sign or something to break the flow of traffic and slow people down. Speed tables would be great too. Something needs to happen before someone gets hurt. Also the STOP sign on Ileagnes has come down on one side. PLEASE HELP
  • 1218 Ileagnes Rd Raleigh, NC - Southwest
    This intersection has been a huge hazard for drivers and pedestrians. Children at play in there neighborhood are at a great risk. Cars travel down the road a high speeds and there is no break in speed until you are in the back of the neighborhood. Wrecks at this intersection occur monthly if not bi-weekly.
  • Chapanoke Rd Raleigh, NC - Southwest
    We've reported this before and some changes have been made but there is still an issue. Please look into this area and what can be done to make it safer for people entering the Renaissance Park sub-division.
  • 168-198 Pecan Road Raleigh, NC 27603, USA - Southwest
    There are several homeless male and females who are just sitting at bus stop no riding the bus.
  • Bramer Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B

    Torchwood Academy parks its buses (highlighted in red) along Bramer Dr. and obstruct the view of employees leaving the adjacent parking lots.

    The faculty/employees of Torchlight Academy also park along Bramer Dr. and are often far too close to Atlantic Avenue (area highlighted in blue).

    These cars & buses restrict traffic flow along Bramer Dr. and significantly restrict visibility when turning out of adjacent parking lots and when turning left onto Atlantic Avenue from Bramer Dr.

  • 2311-2407 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC 27608, USA - Five Points
    Just after 3:00 on school days when Daniels Middle School student's head home. Some of the students who walk home need to cross Glenwood Avenue at St. Mary's and Anderson Street intersections. The existing crosswalk signals do not give adequate time to cross Glenwood Avenue. Not only that many of the streets at this intersection do not have any Pedestrian signal. More pedestrian crosswalk signals need to be added, the existing ones need the timing changed so they give more time for students to cross and all the pedestrian crosswalks need to be coordinated in order to provide a safe environment for these students to walk home. With more limited WCPSS bus service, more students are walking home. Let's get this busy intersection fixed by making it more pedestrian friendly before someone gets hurt. Concerned Daniels Middle School parent.
  • Brownleigh Drive And Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC - Northwest
    The entry into Brownleigh Business Park onto Brownleigh Drive from Glenwood is very dangerous. The crossover for west bound traffic is mis-located 50' too far east for this turn and makes a west-bound turn very dangerous. An east-bound turn is lacking a de-acceleration (from 45 mph) exit lane - also very dangerous. Persons wanting to go into the business park must go up to Ebenezer Church Road exit and enter the park from the back entrance. This is unknown to many visitors and very inconvenient to workers in the business park.
  • Tom Bradshaw Freeway Raleigh, NC - West
    there appears to be homeless people living in the woods here
  • 612 Barksdale Dr Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - East Raleigh
    Too many vehicles park along 812 Barksdale Drive, often in violation and within 25 feet of two intersections at Rumson Rd. & Raleigh Blvd. Traffic is already heavy due to a bus stop directly across the street at 813 Barksdale, a steep hill, pedestrian foot traffic to the nearby Buckeye Greenway and many vehicles entering/exiting Raleigh Blvd. at this intersection. The addition of street-parked vehicles creates dangerous congestion and can often block traffic from Raleigh Blvd. to Rumson Rd. Please erect No Parking signs along this block of Barksdale to prevent accidents and improve the street's congestion.
  • South Boylan Avenue Raleigh, NC - Central
    I have lived on South Boylan Avenue since 2002. Two of my cars have been hit while parked on my street. Three cars parked on the street were smashed last night. This brings the total of parked cars hit on the street since 2002 that I know about to more than 15. Something has to be done to slow these drivers down.