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  • 1201-1265 Park Blvd Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA - Erlton-Ellisburg
    Park Blvd. has been a mess from Grove Street all the way to the Kings Highway intersection. Some of the potholes have finally been fixed but remaining potholes still make Park Blvd. a treacherous street. Please fix ALL of Park Blvd!!! Thank you.
  • Rt 70 cherry hill, NJ - Erlton-Ellisburg
    Coming off Rt 70 to get on Admiral Wilson, there is a huge pothole in the right lane.
  • 190 Marlton Pike E Erlton-Ellisburg, NJ 08034 - Erlton-Ellisburg
    Potholes all along Route 70, from the Wegman's shopping area all the way to Ponzio's
  • Route 70 - Erlton-Ellisburg
    route 70 needs resurfacing from Kings highway thru haddonfield rd
  • 401 Cooper Landing Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA - Erlton-Ellisburg
  • Cooper Landing Road Cherry Hill, NJ - Erlton-Ellisburg
    The woods along the entire length of Cooper Landing Road are an untended, weedy, tick infested, littered, trashy disaster area. Tree limbs are left in big chunks along the road, waiting for months to be chipped. People have dumped their old Christmas trees. Garbage is strewn everywhere. Cherry Hill Township needs to stop treating its own west side of town like a red headed step child. This kind of neglected eyesore would not be tolerated east of Brace road.
  • 10-26 Georgia Ave Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA - Erlton-Ellisburg
  • 9-99 Cooper Landing Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA - Erlton-Ellisburg
    Large potholes along this stretch of Cooper Landing. Additionally, the street surface has been dug up and then re-patched so many times, it's like driving on strips of asphalt
    UPDATE: Cooper Landing Rd., near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Georgia Aves. is continuing to get worse. The holes are getting deeper and more numerous. Small stones are dug up and spread around everytime a car goes into the potholes... and they are impossible to avoid.
  • Big Pothole Archived
    800 Kings Highway Cherry Hill - Erlton-Ellisburg
    Big Pothole on southbound Rt. 41 (Kings Hwy) in passing lane.
  • 724 Marlton Pike Erlton-Ellisburg, NJ - Erlton-Ellisburg
    On Rte. 70, between Kings Highway and Grove, there are several bad stretches of potholes on the eastbound side of the road
  • 12 Webster Avenue Cherry Hill Nj 08002 - Erlton-Ellisburg
    If you turn onto Webster from 70 East It is difficult to avoid this pothole.
  • 841-897 Park Blvd Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, USA - Erlton-Ellisburg
    Huge Crater Pot hole on park blvd.. PLEASE FIX!!!!