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Saint Paul launch

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  • 328 Stevens St W St Paul, MN - West Side
    Douglas Park is a MESS...there are no swings, the surrounding fence is a rusty safety hazard, the sand is full or garbage, feces, and unknowns, and most of the kids in the neighborhood go to other parks to play now. A major face lift, or complete change to the park, would be so great for this community of families with small children. One idea would be to mimic Minneapolis Parks with their free, fenced in splash parks! Douglas Park seems like the perfect place for a splash park!
  • 3104 22nd Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Corcoran
    This is a really busy intersection because of the YWCA, South High, light rail parking, etc, and visibility is very poor. I've had a couple of scary near misses in trying to cross 31st St to get home from the Y, and can't for the life of me figure out why this isn't a 4-way stop.
  • 1145 S Homer St Saint Paul, Minnesota - Highland
    The entire length of South Homer street from 7th Street to Shepard Road is covered in gigantic potholes. This street is a mess and has been in 3rd world condition for as long as I can remember. It is less than a mile long. Can we get some money in the city budget to re pave the entire street? Please? For 6 years my poor car has suffered.
  • Pothole Open
    971-979 North Lexington Parkway Saint Paul, MN 55108, USA - Como
    Very bad - creating traffic jams
  • 4601 Hiawatha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Hiawatha
    You can even tell from the satelite imagery that this road is battered. I could probably bottom out a school bus on some of the holes in this stretch. And it's almost the only way to get to several of these businesses.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    911-969 North Lexington Parkway Saint Paul, Minnesota - Como
    Southbound side of Lexington, big section of potholes right after you turn from Front to Lexington.
  • Pothole Archived
    730 Stinson Service Road Minneapolis, Minnesota - Southeast Como
    The road is in severe need of repair. To avoid damage to our vehicles, we need to swerve all around the road as we dodge the holes. There are more potholes than I care to describe. It's like the surface of the moon. Potholes range from 1" to approximately 4" in depth.
  • State Highway 121 Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Kenny
    This problem has been going on for some time. It has been reported fixed, but it is still badly timed. Cars heading north and south have a 15 second green light. Cars on 58th street heading east/west have close to 1:20 seconds green light. Cars turning left from north south have over a 1 minute green light.
    Due to this traffic is starting to detour through neighborhood side streets instead of using county 121.
  • Washington Ave & 3rd Ave North Minneapolis, MN - Downtown West
    The crosswalks are not painted/marked well if at all. Suburban traffic from 394 dumps into this intersection from a exit, making it especially dangerous for pedestrians crossing. I have contacted the CIty of Minneapolis several times via phone and email and the intersection is still not/poorly marked. Please fix this ASAP. Many pedestrians, children, pets and those with disabilities use this crosswalk and it simply frightening to cross.
  • 4200 Standish Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Standish
    This part of the city has tremendous foot traffic with families walking with strollers, kids and dogs. For years we have pleaded with our neighborhood @#$%'n for a crosswalk somewhere between 28th Ave and Cedar Ave.
    Can we get this done?
  • 3513-3527 Broadway St Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Southeast Como
    Cars slalom down Broadway from 280 to avoid the craters.
  • Bridge Archived
    5243 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Keewaydin
    The bridge looks terrible! Please spend some of the stimulus to paint bridge. Maybe change the lighting to match the rest of the park system lighting. See Ford Parkway bridge!