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Saint Paul launch

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  • 4200 Standish Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Standish
    This part of the city has tremendous foot traffic with families walking with strollers, kids and dogs. For years we have pleaded with our neighborhood @#$%'n for a crosswalk somewhere between 28th Ave and Cedar Ave.
    Can we get this done?
  • Douglas Park St. Paul, MN - West Side
    There is a fence with grapevines out of control. The vines are growing into the trees, suffocating all, growing on my house. Weeds are growing rampant. The vines are 20 feet tall, invading my house and garden. The fence is ancient and needs to be replaced. I am extremely fed up. I posted a complaint about this fence over a month ago, and still have not heard anything.
  • Lexington Ave N & Interstate 694 Shoreview, MN - Shoreview
    Mn Dot after closing the north and southbound Snelling Ave and diverting traffic to Lexington with many additional vehicles; now plans on squeezing that traffic to one lane each direction. Ramsey County Sheriffs Dept has only Lexington or Rice to now access the majority of the county from their Hwy 96 office. I believe this is a very poor decision by MNDot- and dangerous in many ways. Waiting until Snelling is back open would be much smarter, safer vision and action.
  • Bridge Archived
    5243 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Keewaydin
    The bridge looks terrible! Please spend some of the stimulus to paint bridge. Maybe change the lighting to match the rest of the park system lighting. See Ford Parkway bridge!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Highway 280 Saint Paul, Minnesota - Saint Anthony
    Ramp from Como to 280 south has massive number of potholes and serious disintegration of the road surface. Please check this out, Dangerous.
  • Series of potholes Acknowledged
    Hamline Ave Between Grand And Randolph Ave Saint Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland
    Extremely dangerous all along the street.
  • 3030-3060 County Road 38 Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Howe
    Basically the entire stretch of 38th Street between Hiawatha & the River has disastrous potholes at every manhole cover & seam but the stretch between Minnehaha Avenue & Hiawatha Avenue & especially between the railroad tracks & Hiawatha next to the ADM mill is like an obstacle course of two foot wide, six-inch deep or more potholes that will swallow or destroy most tires or suspensions.
  • State Highway 121 Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Kenny
    This problem has been going on for some time. It has been reported fixed, but it is still badly timed. Cars heading north and south have a 15 second green light. Cars on 58th street heading east/west have close to 1:20 seconds green light. Cars turning left from north south have over a 1 minute green light.
    Due to this traffic is starting to detour through neighborhood side streets instead of using county 121.
  • 4709 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55407 - Ericsson
    This entire block is made very dangerous for pedestrians with 2 (?) sort-of lanes and no crosswalks. Local businesses should be concerned about the safety of customers!
  • 482-508 Fairview Ave S St Paul, MN 55105, USA - Highland
    this whole intersection is a mess
  • Valley Creek Road And Cottage Grove Drive Woodbury, MN - Woodbury
    There is a stop sign where there is no intersection and no reason for stopping. Confusing for motorists and wasteful of fuel for cars stopping for no reason.
  • 5739 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis, MN - Windom
    In Richfield, Lyndale is clearly marked as two lanes each way. Coming North into MPLS the lane lines disappear, and at 58th is definitely a one-lane one-way going North. Drivers cannot tell where the two lanes become one, so they blare their horns at each other in front of my home. I suggest clear lane markings fom Crosstown to 59th and Right-turn-only in the supposed right lane beginning at 59th until 58th.