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  • 77 13th Ave Ne Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA - Sheridan
    It is nearly impossible to drive on this road at all without thinking your completely messing up your alignment.
  • 212 N 1st Ave Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA - North Loop

    I live in 212 Lofts and I am an avid biker, runner, walker, etc.. I LOVE the new trail that connects right from the back of my condo to cedar and the river, however when the city put it in they poured concrete in front of our garage to mark a barrier from the parking lot and bike path. The bike path starts/terminates just before our garage doors but the concrete extends out beyond the doors. Bikers have a stop sign but never stop and have ran into many a car coming out of our garage. I even had a biker come down the path and push in my mirror on my car because he thought i was being a jerk and driving on his bike path when I was just trying to get to my garage entrance... I was ticked, especially since I am a biker as well. The city will do NOTHING. I am on the board at my condo and we put up a sign to alert bikers but we really need a physical barrier that makes bikers slow down to navigate, similar to the poles at the end of the path when you are heading to the river. Basically the city has only left the width of the bike path for both cars and bikes to share, blocked in by concrete so if the biker has to bail they will mess themselves up or their bike up, or hit a car.

    I love the path and we are trying to make it as safe as possible for bikers and cars alike but we need more help from someone who has more power!! The city just will not listen and I do not want anyone hurt.

    Silly, risky and we need help.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic.

  • 114-130 W Diamond Lake Rd Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Windom
    This street is un-driveable! Each winter the potholes get deeper and wider on both east and westbound. Two winters ago I ruined a tire on this street and I will drive a mile out of my way to avoid it. If you must, drive about 5 MPH and never in the dark.
  • Douglas Park Saint Paul, MN - West Side
    This fence is probably 50 years old. Calling it an eye sore is a compliment. The chain link is detached from the top rail by 1 foot in several places. There is a giant tree stump on our property, grown into fence. This is the city of St Paul's tree. The fence is rusty and has many sharp protruding metal pieces. I have insured myself on it several times and cringe every time a kid sticks there arm under it.
    It needs a retaining wall. All the trash and leaves blow into our yard because of the downward slope, and the huge gap between the ground and the chain link. There are chunks of asphalt that also have come loose from what looks to be some attemp from keeping the earth and the trash from relocating.
    This fence is not only ugly, but dangerous. Doulas park neighbors need a new fence.
    We have made several attempts with various city officials to no avail.
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 2nd Ave & 5th St Minneapolis, MN - Downtown West
    The bus stop on the east side of 2nd Ave at the corner of 5th under the Skyway for the B ramp needs clearing so pregnant/elderly/children can properly access.
  • 901-999 W 46th St Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Lynnhurst
    call betsy hodges and mayor rybak - road is in such bad shape it should be avoided - suspension and muffler at risk
  • County Road 153 Minneapolis, MN 55411, USA - Robbinsdale
    Where Victory Memorial Dr. meets Lowry Ave., there's a bridge overhead that has rusting members. If it hasn't been inspected recently, it needs it.
  • 4641 Hiawatha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA - Hiawatha
    Right at the enterance to BK. This area is less a road full of potholes than a giant pothole with some crumbling pieces of asphalt in it.
  • 6128-6132 Penn Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA - Armatage
    Terrible stretch of road. Southbound traffic has two blocks of non-stop potholes, from 60th St to Crosstown.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Jackson Street & Maryland Ave. Saint Paul, Minnesota - North End
    Jackson St. from Maryland all the way to downtown St. Paul is non-stop, big potholes.
  • 300-398 East 15th Street Minneapolis, MN 55404, USA - Minneapolis
    Metro Transit buses park in the westbound bike lane on 15th Street on the bridge over 35W. As a result, cycling on the bridge is incredibly dangerous. (The bike lane exists only on the bridge, presumably to make it possible to cycle across it safely at rush hour. Unfortunately, there's no safety benefit because there is inevitably a bus there at rush hour.)
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Cretin Avenue Saint Paul, Minnesota - Macalester-Groveland
    Popped two tired this morning. Screwed up my alignment. North and South bound. Terrible. Terrible.