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  • 1402 South Delaware Avenue Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    Home has been vacant for 15 plus years. Three years ago they started working on house by tearing off siding. That was all that was done that year. The insulation blew around the neighborhood that winter. Last summer they dug up foundation. Hardly ever work on this place and it sits as an eyesore to neighbors.
  • 702 15th St Se Mason City, IA, 50401, USA - Mason City
    Several vehicles in yard. Several broken trailers. Garbage. Several broken down recreational vehicles. Vehicle parts. Boats. This property has been reported more then once. If nothing is done I will start calling City Hall daily more then once. I once had a piece of scrap metal next to garage and got a visit from the city. This guy has a junk yard in his back yard and nothing is being done.
  • 512 8th St Se Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    No one has lived in the house since they moved it to its spot. It's unfinished after 3+ years and garage is a hazard. Yard is not kept and garbage is everywhere
  • 109 19th St Se Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    overgrown weeds, half dead trees, unowned cats living between their garage and our fence, empty old freezer sitting in back yard and now someone just dumped bunch of tvs on the west side of the garage, I was out trimming and seen a rat come out between our fence and that area. It is an eye sore and needs to be cleaned up before all the weeds grew up between the our fence and their garage this was an old box spring/mattress there also. you can email me at nascarjunkies@mchsi.com when this has been reviewed and hopefully resloved.
  • 639 S Connecticut Ave Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    What is this? Is it a business or a home?
  • 121 N Delaware Ave Mason City, IA - Mason City
    all weeds and grass growing from between the concrete need to be sprayed (killed) especially along 2nd St NE where they are two feet tall or taller
  • 236 14th St Se Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    Would like to see the property cleaned up a bit
  • 1100 S Massachusetts Ave Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    House is for sale. Glass window is broken. House is not being maintained and sits empty. This makes the neighborhood look very poor. The owner should be required to fix the dangerous broken glass window. It is unlikely to be sold in its current condition. And so it will continue to deteriorate.
  • 713 S. Carolina Mason City, IA - Mason City
  • Deat Tree Archived
    302 15th St. Se Mason City, IA - Mason City
    Dead or diseased or dying trees
  • Garbage Archived
    242 14th St Se Mason City, IA 50401, USA - Mason City
    Slumlord refuses to pick up all of the trash left behind by the last tenants. Tenants moved out about 2 weeks ago.
  • 523 S Connecticut Ave Mason City, IA - Mason City
    needs mowing especially the front east side of the yard between the house and garage