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  • Steel Plate Acknowledged
    248 Stevenson Street San Francisco, CA - Yerba Buena Community Benefit District
    there has been a large steel plate in the road for nearly a year, very dangerous, slippery
  • 1851-1899 Webster Street San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Western Addition
    Large potholes
  • 1234 Pine St San Francisco, CA - Nob Hill

    Motorists waiting to park in the St. Francis Hospital garage -- or frustrated by others blocking the road -- honk around the clock on Pine St. between Leavenworth and Hyde. During rush hour it is non-stop. Besides irritating block residents like me, it must be disruptive to hospital patients as well.

    Perhaps a banner/sign across the street encouraging people to respect residents & hospital patients would help a little? Or a "honk trap" set up by SFPD?

  • Octavia Boulevard San Francisco, California - Western Addition
    Deep pothole in northbound Octavia Boulevard just past Market Street.
  • 2265 Lombard Street San Francisco, California - Marina
    large potholes in front of Surf Motel drive way.
  • 249 The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94111, USA - Financial District
    Massive Pothole in middle lane just caused a me a flat and another bent Rim on relatively new car, thanks San Francisco for your poorly maintained roads. I will definitely be seeking compensation from the city for this.
  • 1499-1755 Geary Blvd San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Western Addition
    Really bad pothole
  • 2179-2199 14th Ave San Francisco, CA 94116, USA - Parkside
    Graffiti. All over intersection of 14th Avenue and Rivera Street. On sidewalk , road, driveways and posts. At least 15 tags.
  • 180 Raccoon Drive San Francisco, CA 94114 - Twin Peaks

    There are several HUGE pot holes on state owned propert - Raccoon Drive

    Please help

  • 718 Natoma St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    Pothole forming again near 718 Natoma.
  • 188 Raccoon San Francisco, CA - Twin Peaks
    After a water main broke and water works was called they fixed the water problem and left a huge mess. This is a road that trash trucks go down, fire trucks occasionally and it's completely tore up. Sadly your crew just fixed this not too long ago. Is there any way you can pave the street as a whole? from years of patching it looks and drives terrible as does the street below...Crown Court
  • 452 Fell St San Francisco, CA 94102 - Western Addition
    A huge chunk of the pavement in the middle lane on Fell between Octavia and Laguna is littered with potholes.