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  • 138 Funston Avenue San Francisco, California - Inner Richmond
    Two large sections of two eucalyptus trees have started to bend much lower over sidewalk and Funston Avenue (parking and roadway) than earlier today. Very concerned that these branch sections or even larger section of these trees are coming down soon. One section did in the "big storm". Potential dangers to pedestrians, cars and drivers.
  • 41 Sanchez St San Francisco 94114, United States - Duboce Triangle
    Large Tree branch overhanging Sanchez Street is cracking and in danger of falling. I’ve circled the branch in the photo. Very serious, it could kill/injure drivers in roadway.
  • 10 9th St San Francisco, CA - Civic Center Community Benefit District

    On 9th northbound, just south of Market, in the 2nd lane from the left, is a surprisingly bad gouge out of the roadway. Each time I hit it, it's a solid jar to the car that seems heavy enough to damage the tire rims. It looks like some sort of half foot wide slot someone cut out of the road bed with a concrete cutter, and never bothered to patch over. Seems to go at least the width of the lane, if not several.

    It's big enough that it feels like it's doing damage to my car every time I drive over it.

  • 1347 Irving St San Francisco, CA 94122, USA - Inner Sunset
    The intersection of 15th Avenue and Irving is the only one between 9th and 19th Avenues that does not have a 4-way stop (17th Avenue recently had one installed). This, in conjunction with the location of this intersection at the peak of an incline, with awkward 90-degree parking on Irving makes it difficult for most road users (cars, bicycles, and pedestrians alike) to see each other even under the best of conditions. Furthermore, there shouldn't be any existing expectation of speed while traversing Irving, as both Lincoln, Judah, and Kirkham are much faster and have much less foot and bicycle traffic to interact with.
  • 1551-1593 Divisadero St San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Western Addition
    Big pothole in the road near the intersection. This is going to blow out tires and cause an accident.
  • 2230 United States Highway 101 San Francisco, CA 00 - US Congressional District CA8
    Street repair crews have had left turn lane to EB Broadway blocked for weeks with no apparent work going on. Fix the pothole already.
  • 718 Natoma St San Francisco 94103, United States - South Of Market
    Tarp in the road.
  • 1-9 Grace St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA - South Of Market
    garbage all over the road
  • 387-391 Oak St San Francisco 94102, United States - Western Addition
    Manhole was fixed of making loud rattling noise when cars drive over it, but has started up again.
  • 350 Laguna St San Francisco CA 94102, United States - Western Addition
    Pothole on Oak St at Laguna St. rattles when cars go over it.
  • 5 Broadway St San Francisco, CA 94111 - North Beach
    I almost got hit by a Muni bus at this intersection and its not the first time. Cars and buses making a right turn onto Embarcadero from Broadway do not yield to pedestrians. They aren't looking for us. The cross push buttons are all working at this time. I suggest a no-right turn on red sign (at end of Broadway) here so pedestrians (many tourists in this area) do not get slammed. You really have to make eye contact with a driver before crossing and still sometimes they don't want to stop for you.
  • 880-898 Buena Vista Ave W San Francisco, CA 94117, USA - Haight-Ashbury
    this pile of pea stone was left in the road from an irrigation project that ended a few weeks ago and needs to be removed. it is a hazard in the street. near park entrance at waller and Buena Vista west.