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  • 1065 Natoma St - South Of Market
    Human feces on the road between cars.
  • 2230 United States Highway 101 San Francisco, CA 00 - US Congressional District CA8
    Street repair crews have had left turn lane to EB Broadway blocked for weeks with no apparent work going on. Fix the pothole already.
  • 5 Broadway St San Francisco, CA 94111 - North Beach
    I almost got hit by a Muni bus at this intersection and its not the first time. Cars and buses making a right turn onto Embarcadero from Broadway do not yield to pedestrians. They aren't looking for us. The cross push buttons are all working at this time. I suggest a no-right turn on red sign (at end of Broadway) here so pedestrians (many tourists in this area) do not get slammed. You really have to make eye contact with a driver before crossing and still sometimes they don't want to stop for you.
  • 2-16 Jessie St San Francisco, CA 94105, USA - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    New plate added yesterday is rattling with every car that drives over it.
  • 2229 Irving Street San Francisco, CA - Outer Sunset
    The store at 2229 Irving St has lots of merchandise on display on the sidewalk. Not sure they have a street space permit. Store is plastered in hand made signs that blow off and down the street.
    **** Most offensive - recently a woman stands by the doorway, steps out onto sidewalk and yells in Chinese with a cordless microphone to draw in customers. I heard it from the corner of 24th Ave and was blasted by it as I walked past. Microphone is kept on shelf just inside the door. Irving St is dismal enough, we don't need this kind of low class Broadway-street barker activity.
  • 1 Montgomery St San Francisco, CA 94104, USA - Financial District
    Recurring pothole - reported several times
  • 155 Fell St San Francisco, CA 94102, USA - Civic Center Community Benefit District
    uncover PG&E drain
  • 880-898 Buena Vista Ave W San Francisco, CA 94117, USA - Haight-Ashbury
    this pile of pea stone was left in the road from an irrigation project that ended a few weeks ago and needs to be removed. it is a hazard in the street. near park entrance at waller and Buena Vista west.
  • 1401 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Western Addition
    Dangerous pothole in crosswalk crossing Van Ness at Bush.
  • 500 Hickory St San Francisco, CA 94102, USA - Western Addition
    Missing cover
  • 387-391 Oak St San Francisco 94102, United States - Western Addition
    Manhole was fixed of making loud rattling noise when cars drive over it, but has started up again.
  • 1st Street At Mission San Francisco, California - Greater Rincon Hill CBD
    Severe pothole on 1st Street just before crossing Mission in the far left lane. Tire on my car blown out from hitting pothole. Please repair ASAP!