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May 8th 2013 someone tried breaking into my house they broke one of my window panes on my breezeway door called the cops the K-9 lost the scent of the person on Kings Landing a street before West Wolcott Avenue.....May 15th the person tried breaking into my house again called the cops and the person fled they didnt find him/her if anyone knows of or hears about who is doing this please contact the windsor pd i have two little girls ages 3 and 5

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  • Kings Landing Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Also cups, bottles, fast food wrappers,dumped daily. No Littering sign requested in past.
  • West Wolcott Avenue Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Can someone please address this problem immediately there have been cars parked in little side street at night time and I'm very scared walking. Can another light be installed in side street is very dark. And grass and weeds very tall. Please help..
  • 522 Matianuck Ave. Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    The corner lot at 522 Matianuck Ave needs to be mowed.
  • 37 Richmond Crescent Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    There is tall grass at this vacant house.
  • 28 Longview Drive Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
  • Line of Site Archived
    15 Longview Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Complaint turn left off of Longview onto West Wolcot; a line of site issue
  • Dead animal Archived
    358 W. Wolcott Ave. Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
  • 436 West Wolcott Avenue Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    Mailbox and pole are damaged.
  • 359 West Wolcott Ave/ Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    They came and looked at it and set up cones and yellow tape. I have not seen anyone back for about a week.
  • Litter Archived
    239 Kings Landing Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    On Matianuck on the west side property of Kings Landing.. Every morning there is new litter to pick up: fast food wrappers and bags, bottles, cups, even coconuts (seriously). A No Littering sign wouldn't hurt.
  • Tree down Archived
    527 W Wolcott Ave Windsor, CT, 06095, USA - Windsor
    During the high winds last week this tree fell down into my yard from the wooded area. I need to know if the town will come out and remove it?
  • 20 Longview Drive Windsor, Connecticut - Windsor
    The Health Department received an anonymous report of siding missing from the structure at this location.