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Watching issues created after: 2013-05-21

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  • Warnock St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Is it ok to play loud music day and night. I feel like LPD just shows tells them to turn it down and once they leave its the same loud music. It is not fair for people that actually own a house to have to deal with renters nearby that just dont care. The owner doesnt really care what there tenants do others have complained to him and he only tells people there is not much he can do. Is there anything else that can be done
  • 6 Fairview Street Chelmsford, Massachusetts - Lowell
    alot of tires behind trailer. I thought they are considered hazard waste. Also waste storage in big drum behind the same building. this owner should to be told to clean up this propperty. its a disgrace to Chelmsford
  • 92 Central Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    92 central st. was tagged the evening of 4/6/17.
  • 1-49 Andrews St Lowell, MA, 01852, USA - Lowell
    it has junk on the side walk and the weeds are outgrown making it hard to walk on the side walk.
  • 1071 Varnum Ave Lowell, MA, 01854, USA - Lowell
    Sidewalk impassable - overgrown with poison ivy
  • Pothole Open
    174 Crosby St Lowell, MA, 01852, USA - Lowell
    near 34 Newhall Street driveway / on Crosby Street - potholes in road and just before turning into condo parking lot.
  • 49 Westwind Rd Lowell, MA, 01852, USA - Lowell
    turned house into 2 family under the cover of "inlaw" didn't go to ZBA as all inlaw additions should. In a sea of single family houses this is now a 2 family that looks nothing like anything else for miles. They told neighbors that they are adding 2nd driveway off side street as well.
  • 2-52 Prescott Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    this area has become a hang out for public dope smoking and drinking.
  • Other Open
    151 (?) Midland St Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    There are five cars, a motorcycle, and a boat being stored in the back of this house on the lawn (near the fence in the back). Three out of the five vehicles do not have license plates. Can someone look into this? Is this kind of storage legal?
  • Pothole Open
    917-967 Westford St Lowell, MA, 01851, USA - Lowell
    There are many potholes between 205 and 206 Pratt Ave in the back of the road before the parking spots.
  • 36 Mammoth Road Lowell, MA, 01854, USA - Lowell
    The flag right at the corner of Varnum and Mammoth is very frayed and torn and I see this is disrespectful and thought maybe you might want to consider replacing it?
  • 2-52 Prescott Street Lowell, Massachusetts - Lowell
    Street light with two fixtures at the corner of Prescott, Central and Market street. Both fixtures are out.